Kolkata, West Bengal, India| 9th April 2020: COVID-19 pandemic lead to the nationwide lockdown and has aggravated the fear as well as intensified depression and anxiety in the society. Social distancing and Quarantine at home making people feel isolated which is leading to boredom.

To beat the boredom from little ones to all age group NIPS Hotel Management (nipsgroup.in/book-your-seat) has organised an online the culinary competition, NIPS HOME CHEF, voicing solidarity with the ones at home due to the nation-wide lockdown.

To sprinkle a small pinch of happiness in these testing times, NIPS has made this unique competition, a platform available for one and all, where one may participate and upload the videos of their dishes online, on FB page – NIPS HOME CHEF (www.facebook.com/groups/nipshomechef) and also on their twitter platform. Anyone who loves to cook can portray their passion through this competition, reflecting the motto of this event – “We stand in unison“, as food orchestrates and binds all together, especially during this challenging time.

The winners not only get to win cash prizes, but also get an opportunity to meet International Master Chef Judge, Chef Kunal Kapoor.

The competition comprises three categories, namely, NIPS Little Ones Home Chef, for children aged between 6-13 years; NIPS Young Home Chef, for young adults aged between 14-21 years; NIPS Home Chef, a category welcoming one and all. The competition is open till 24th of April 2020, where the participants will upload using the hashtag NIPSHOMECHEF.

NIPS encourage quarantine and thus, one can prepare any dish with the ingredients readily available at home. The creations will be judged on parameters such as creativity, use of ingredients, cooking methods, and its explanation, and presentation.

NIPS pray for the well-being of all and extend psychological support to all. The contest ends on 24th April 2020.