Bangalore, Karnataka, India | 5th June 2020: Bangalore based Atrimed Pharma – a pioneer in developing scientifically-tested plant-based medication, today announced its efforts to join the fight against COVID-19, with the launch of a company-subsidized Herbal Hand Sanitiser. The hand sanitiser from the company’s ‘Plant Science’ range, contains active molecules from Neem and Tulasi and has proven to have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Dr. Hrishikesh Damle, Managing Director of Atrimed Pharma

Dr. Hrishikesh Damle, Managing Director of Atrimed Pharma stated that “As members of the medical community we felt the urge to contribute to the remarkable global efforts against this health crisis. We redirected our resources to producing what this country needs the most right now: Hand Sanitiser at a cost that is more accessible to ordinary Indians.”  

The hand sanitiser produced by Atrimed adheres to W.H.O. guidelines for effectiveness, but adds key anti-microbial properties based on Atrimed’s state-of-the-art Plant Science research. The unique formula also keeps hand from drying after repeated use, which makes it unique. Hand sanitisers are a critical need for a country in the grips of a pandemic. And despite many manufacturers stepping up their production and many companies importing large quantities, the average price still pinches the pockets of the middle class. And while the government has rightly capped prices at Rs. 0.5 per ml, the rate could further be reduced by lowering the GST rate which is currently at 18%.

Further highlighting the market scenario Dr. Damle explains, “Besides the option of lowering the tax rate by classifying it an essential commodity, the only other option to lower the price is for the company to sustain a loss per bottle. And that is exactly what we have done to achieve the current rate of Rs. 200 for half a litre. It’s a gesture of our commitment to the health and our company values.”

Plant Science  – Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Retail environments are also in crisis, as every visitor requires 10 ml of sanitiser which costs the retailers INR 5 per customer. This can strain the margins of retailers and result in huge losses for venues that have large footfalls, like banks, malls and offices. Atrimed Pharma plans to make large quantities of its Herbal Sanitiser available to these venues at even more discounted prices. The company has started taking pre-orders for bulk requirements, and retail sales have commenced this week in Bangalore.