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Startup Stories of Indian Entrepreneurs

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This Pune Based Entrepreneur Creates Business Success at the Age of 27 With the Mantra of “Believe in Yourself”

What Makes Pride Business Unique

1st November, 2008 marked the official beginning of the story of Pride Group of Companies. However, the story of Sudendu Shah, the founder CEO began much before the destination came into the picture. This Pune based company saw many ups and downs at the course of its foundation. How it all began Being initially from Solapur, Sudendu Shah leads to ... Read More »

From His Grandfather’s Garage to a 20,000 Sq Feet Campus, This CEO Talks About His Entrepreneurial Journey Which Began at the Age of 20

From his grandfather's garage to a 20,000 sq feet campus, this CEO talks about his entrepreneurial journey which began at the age of 20

“I wanted 10 lakhs in my bank account before I Graduated, and I had it.” From working in his grandfather’s garage, to owning a 20,000 sq. feet campus, Karan Shah has done it all! Founder and CEO of the Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) had started off his entrepreneurial pursuit at the age of 20 with determination, hard work, ... Read More »

These Two Feminists Breaks Gender Prejudices by “The Irrelevant Project”

Co-founders (Left to Right) - Alishya Almeida and Meghna Chaudhury

Strong, fair, sword-flinging prince saving meek, beautiful princesses are prevalent in children’s literature across the world. It’s no wonder,a child grows up  they grow up with subconscious beliefs of what men and women can and cannot do, and what they should aspire to be and look like. By the time they hit puberty and before their conscious mind is even ... Read More »

This Indore Based Startup Supports Orphans to Improve Their Financial Stability and Lifestyle & Increases the Employment Ratio of the Kulhad Artisans

Anubhav Dubey (left), Rohit Gothi (middle) and Anand Nayak (right)

Chai Sutta Bar, is a startup by three amazing friends Anand Nayak, Rahul Gothi and Anubhav Dubey. So, it started around one and a half year ago with a very low capital budget. They started setting up their first outlet in Bhanwar Kuan, Indore then from their outlets have started growing, to be more precised each new outlet of CSB ... Read More »

How This Startup Came Up With the Idea of JEE-Daily Magazine – A Startup Story

How This Startup Came Up With the Idea of JEE-Daily Magazine - A Startup Story

JEE-Daily is an online magazine published by InnovED Global Private Limited, a Kolkata based start-up established 1.5 years ago. It aims at guiding students achieve 100% success in competitive examinations across the country. Competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, WB JEE, etc are getting difficult and complex with every passing year. Earlier, when there was fewer impact of technology in the country, ... Read More »

Baraati Inc. – This New Delhi Based Startup Venture is Reinventing Traditions

Baraati Inc. - This New Delhi Based Startup Venture is Reinventing Traditions

Baraati Inc. is a venture that came into existence on 8th January 2015. It is the brain child of Alaap Dayal, Shweta Acharya, Shikha Chauhan and Swati Sharma. Alaap Dayal – The Strategist, Super Powers: Voice Overs and the Planner. Shweta Acharya – The Creative Soul, Super Powers: Visualising and Choreography. Shikha Chauhan – The Business Developer, Super Power: Negotiating, ... Read More »

This Indian Venture Comes Into Existence for Women Empowerment

This Indian Venture Comes Into Existence for Women Empowerment

Shopperts is a venture started on 1st Feb 2016. Dipanjan Charkroborty and Sumit Mittal are the two founders. The start-up is making their means and meets their ends. Dipanjan Charkroborty is the founder of this company has more than ten years of experience in the research section of IBM and he is among the top cited mobile scientists globally. Sumit ... Read More »

The Success Story of this UX Design Startup will inspire you

The Success Story of this UX Design Startup will inspire you

UX Interface Pvt. Ltd. was set up on 1st April, 2014, It was founded by Mr. Sanjat Mishra, with his wife Mrs. Suchartita Mishra being the second director. UX Interface Pvt. Ltd. started in 2014 as a proprietorship firm. This June they made it into a Pvt. Ltd. Presently Mr. Sanjat heads the UX interface team. The company has featured ... Read More »

This Revolutionary Indian Brand “VERSATYL” is a Major Innovation in Jackets!

Amazon travel dot com

Since the quantum leap in the development of e-commerce stores, people always stay updated with the rapidly changing fashion trends. Their craze for fashion outfits is magnified when they gained access to a variety of fashion products from their mobile phone itself. Most of the people fall for the over-priced outfits just for the name of the brand. It’s time ... Read More »

This Mumbai Based Banker Turns Entrepreneur to Help Farmers Go Chemical Free

Miklens Bio Team

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Santosh Nair, Founder & Managing Director, Miklens Bio – a startup which was launched on 22nd August 2016 and headquartered in Mumbai by Mr. Santosh Nair & Dr. Ms. Nisha. Miklens Bio was recognized as India’s most promising technology startups at the TECH30 were announced at TechSparks 2017, Bengaluru by YourStory. Miklens Bio was amongst the ... Read More »