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Startup Success Stories of Indian Entrepreneurs

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This Bangalore Based Homemaker Turns Entrepreneur Launches Online Diamond Jewellery Platform With Top Notch Quality and Affordable Pricing

Jewellery can be seen as an essential part of the life of a human. Irrespective of religion, time, class, culture and gender, adorning ourselves with various types of jewellery has been one consistent aspect that easily gets noticed or grabs the attention. At all the important occasions be it an engagement, a wedding, the birth of the child or a family or other social function generally involve gifting and beautifying with jewellery....

This Delhi Based Startup Helps Businesses to Focus on Their Core Business While They Take Care of HR Processes

We can see that the new millennium has already started to recognize the significance of human resources personnel as they are contributing to recruiting the best manpower in a thriving industry. These days, big or small organizations or even the new startups in the business are relying on Human Resources management in managing business functions such as hiring, conducting interviews or training, based upon the company-related business trends, and employees' benefits. In fact, many new startups have...

How This Pune Based Startup is Setting New Trends in Premium Silver Jewelry Market

All-important occasions of a woman’s life involve jewelry, be it her wedding, engagement, attending a social event or family function. Women’s love for jewelry is no secret to all. In India Gold is bought more as an investment than a wearable ornament and stored in safes and lockers. Women plan and save for months and sometimes even for years to buy jewelry but hardly wear it. Women often get to wear the traditional...

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