Bangalore, Karnataka, India | 22nd July 2020: Enate, a UK based automation solutions company, has raised 2.2M GBP (2.8M USD) in a Series A funding round led by Northern Venture Capital Trust (VCT) Funds. The investment, which concluded during the lockdown, will allow Enate to further develop its platform and expand its customer base and distributor network across Europe and Asia.

Enate Robotic Service Orchestration enables a seamless workflow that orchestrates tasks across humans and bots to enable end to end automation

Enate’s Robotic Service Orchestration helps mid to large enterprises in managing a distributed human and digital workforce. It integrates ‘future of work’ technologies like RPA, OCR, NLP, Cognitive, AI/ML into the human workforce & ensures a seamless end to end automation ecosystem.
Enate’s worldwide customers range from smaller services firms to major insurers, banks, and professional services firms like EY and Capgemini. The company has been growing revenue by 200 percent year on year and has seen increased demand since the lockdown as businesses seek new ways to deliver services with a distributed workforce.
Founded in 2017 by Kit Cox, Enate provides a SaaS Service Orchestration platform that manages a workforce of humans and robots for simplified end-to-end process automation. Kit, who is also Enate’s Global CEO commented, “We’re particularly proud to have concluded this deal to support our growth during such an unpredictable time. COVID-19 has changed the way we work forever. Enate helps people manage a distributed and diverse workforce and get the job done, which is exactly what businesses need in the current environment.”

With Enate, users can plug and play any technology (RPA, AI, cognitive, NLP, machine learning), from any vendor, to get digital fast. The platform enables the delivery of services from multiple locations while maintaining complete visibility and control including the automation of KPIs and SLAs. All of this while providing detailed reporting of cost and productivity.

Kit Cox, Founder & CEO – Enate, Uday Jose – MD, Enate India

In one case, it helped a major back-office/services firm to achieve up to 20% YoY improvement in productivity, along with other process improvements such as streamlining to lean principles to cut down on waste and improve efficiencies. It also enabled the firm to onboard more business without any drop in output.
Uday Jose, MD – Enate India said, “We are seeing a rapid increase in Enterprise businesses looking beyond task automation and focussing on end to end automation. Enate’s Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) & Workflow technology augments RPA deployments to seamlessly connect it with human teams. This essentially delivers inter-operability between humans & bots within a single connected ecosystem. Our customers can achieve automation for long-running complex processes with many human touchpoints that couldn’t easily be automated otherwise. We are also seeing some of India’s large Systems Integrators work with us to take new propositions to market around enterprise-wide automation and transformation programs. Enate’s technology is simple, flexible, easy to configure, and rapid to deploy – usually in single-digit weeks. We’re thrilled to be backed by Northern Venture Capital Trust, managed by Mercia, and their belief in our technology & the potential it represents.”