National, 9th October 2019: With the festive season underway, jewellery shopping is one of the most auspicious sprees that next to every Indian partakes in with utmost enthusiasm this time around. However, gold coins, an investment that people make during Dhanteras to pay homage to Goddess Lakshmi, often end up being put in lockers and forgotten about. Committed to equip every piece of jewellery with practical value and make such an investment truly fruitful, Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, one of India’s leading online fine jewellery stores,has launched a contemporary and quirky collection centred around gold coins. The launch has been planned in line with the fortunate sentiments attached to gold coins, especially during the festive season when pujas and celebrations are held to commemorate the goddess of wealth.

In June this year, Candere held its contest ‘Envisage- Your sign. Your design!’ to find, promote and hone the talent of budding jewellery designers in India. Tanuja Susarla and Komal Nagdeo emerged the winner and runners-up, respectively. Now, after a 3-month guided internship under the expertise of the Candere team, both of the young designers are launching their collections with the brand, and Ginni is the first of the two launched by Komal Nagdeo.

Ginni derives inspiration from and has been modelled around gold coins but with a spunky and modern vibe. Essentially, the collection is being introduced in the form of contemporary jewellery with an ethnic twist, thereby enabling customers to make good use of the gold coins being purchased as a sign of fortune. Targeted at the age group 18-40, Ginni also has some added fun elements such as rotatable coin disk mechanism, gap rings, etc. Moreover, over 50% of the collection has been designed with generic yet quirky symbolism including mandalas, mother of pearl, floral designs etc. so as to find appeal among everyone, regardless of their religious or regional interests.

Commenting on the launch of Ginni, Rupesh Jain, Founder and CEO, Candere remarked, “In India, gold is generally perceived as a sign of wealth and fortune, with Hindus associating this commodity to Goddess Lakshmi. However, while the jewellery bought during Diwali and Dhanteras find application, the gold coins purchased are oft-forgotten in ding little lockers. Therefore, we at Candere came up with ‘Ginni’, a collection that weds auspiciousness with practicality. Through the fashionable gold coin-centered jewellery that this collection has, people belonging to different age groups, religions, and regions can wear these with aplomb. I’d like to congratulate the winners of ‘Envisage’ for coming up with such wonderful concepts and I hope that our customers find great value in Ginni. We will be launching the second collection shortly.”

Candere seeks to bring back the old-world charm of gold coins and give it a new-age funky makeover with Ginni. The collection is being launched on 3rdOctober and its range starts from just INR 10,000. To know more about and to shop this collection, please visit: