Bangalore, Karnataka, India | 15th January 2020: Capital Quotient, a fintech startup in inclusive financial wellness, recently announced that it has raised $0.6 Million towards product enhancement, team building and customer acquisition, with lead investment coming from a leading family office.

The transaction was guided end-to-end by ShiftAltCap, a boutique early stage investment bank, that has built a robust connection with leading family offices and HNI wealth advisors.

Instead of focusing on just enabling specific types of investments via digital platforms, Capital Quotient, provides an AI powered end-to-end suite of functionality to millennials, Early family/Mid-level professionals, and aspiring retirees to manage their money/finances better and achieve end state financial goals, early.

Sousthav Chakrabarty, Co-founder and CEO at Capital Quotient says, “A lot many Fintech companies have emerged. However, the services remain the same as older banks. Once a user is registered, there is a defined journey that every user experiences with very little intelligence, hardly any customization, and no focus on the impact they create in the financial lives of their users. Lastly, there is very limited focus on the underserved masses – The next 400 Mn Indians. At Capital Quotient, our core product, uses AI coupled with human moderation, a combination that has delivered 2X better effectiveness in results, to provide personalized financial planning for millennials, early family/mid-level professionals and aspiring retirees at scale. Onboarding 976K+ users is testament to the trust end users have in our advisory.

Anurag Bhatnagar, Co-founder and CEO at ShiftAltCap says, “When they approached us, Capital Quotient was an online wealth management platform with the ability to gather 18 asset classes and recommend holistically. It focused these products on HNIs and the retail clients – that’s a base of 80 million people. The diagnosis seems right. However, with taking a deeper look at the industry and curating Capital Quotient’s business we saw an opportunity to solve the financial problem for a much larger, 610 million base. With little tweaks in the system, guided by our domain expert network and creative solutions from some of our MNC connects (out of the industry thinking is a must in today’s fluid world), Capital Quotient pivoted to solving the above problem, from a wealth management approach to that of financial inclusion (this includes, not limiting to basic education and handholding digital execution, and programs created to come out of a debt trap) and subsequently, wealth management. The two parties firmly believe this creates a larger opportunity based on the sheer size of the clientele, and availability of sufficient white space from a financial advisory inclusiveness perspective. We also see Capital Quotient growing over time as it continues to be the financial advisory platform of choice as their clientele work their way up the income value/net worth value chain.”

As part of the recent fund raise, Capital Quotient has also launched Siply, a revolutionary Payroll-deduction based App that makes it easy and seamless for company’s employees to invest in Recurring Deposits & Mutual Funds.