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Singapore-Based ThinKuvate Launches Rs 100 Crore Fund to Invest in Indian Startups

Explore ThinKuvate's inaugural India fund, a Rs 100 crore investment initiative aimed at fueling the growth of promising tech startups.

NSDC and AVPL International Sign MoU to Establish 70 Skills and Incubation Hubs for Global Employment in Drone, IoT, Agriculture, and Allied Sectors

Learn about the partnership between NSDC and AVPL International to set up 70 Skills and Incubation Hubs, aimed at boosting vocational training in high-demand sectors.

IVY Growth Associates to Host Third Edition of 21BY72 Startup Summit on June 15-16

Explore the latest in startup innovation at IVY Growth Associates' 21BY72 Summit on June 15-16, featuring 20,000+ attendees, top speakers, and investment opportunities.

ICAI Hosts Academia Meet to Accelerate Discovery through Collaborative Research Initiatives

Explore ICAI's efforts to strengthen India's research landscape through its Academia Meet, featuring top academicians and groundbreaking research initiatives.

Manish Shara – Co-Founder & CEO of ZET

Manish Shara, a visionary entrepreneur and accomplished business leader, is the Co-founder and CEO of ZET, a pioneering fintech company dedicated to driving financial...

Aanchal Saini, Chief Executive Officer, Flyrobe

Aanchal Saini is leading the way in sustainable fashion with Flyrobe, a business that combines eco-friendliness with cost-effectiveness.

Bhavna Udernani, Managing Director, Adhaan Solution Private Limited

Bhavna Udernani, founder and managing director of Adhaan Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Tamanna Gupta – Virtual CMO & Founder of Umanshi Marketing

A Postgraduate from IIM Bangalore, this sassy woman is driven to the finish line!

Eshwar K Vikas, Co-Founder & CEO of Mukunda Foods

Learn about Eshwar K Vikas, the electrical engineer and entrepreneur behind the success of Mukunda Foods, a brand providing automation solutions for the food industry.

Satyam Kumar, The CEO and Co-Founder, LoanTap and Co-Founder at FACE

An experienced professional with over 20 years in key account management, product development, team handling and building businesses, Satyam Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of LoanTap, leverages his vast knowledge in BFSI sector and fintech to lead the company's success.

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