Nothing normal ever changed the world. But a community of world conquering entrepreneurs just might. Jodhpur Startup Meetup 2.0, hosted by Marwari Catalysts is Jodhpur’s most high octane entrepreneurial gathering, a one of its kind event in western Rajasthan. Having diverse experience of mentoring plenty of startups, Mr. Sushil Sharma created this culture of Startup Ecosystem in Western Rajasthan. With his entrepreneurial experience, he holds a perfect bunch of ideas and guidance for new startup plans. With this vision, Jodhpur Startup Meetup was firstly organised in Feb, 2019 and saw 10 plus leaders in the startup community coming together and rocking the city of Jodhpur with an audience of 150 plus startup enthusiastic youth from the city.

Jodhpur Startup Meetup 2.0

After the success of Jodhpur Startup Meetup 1.0, Marwari Catalysts is back with its second edition as Jodhpur Startup Meetup 2.0, which will be an ultimate networking experience ensuring you meet the right people, in the right business atmosphere through effective curation.

It’s an opportunity for you to connect with the best and brightest minds to explore how to fuel their business growth. The meetup brings together the speakers that are the best breed of entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business model creators, etc to present and discuss innovations and success under the aegis of entrepreneurship for small and medium businesses as they recount their learning and experiences, share their insights and practices that have enriched their ventures.

Join the league and unleash the entrepreneur within you with these three power packed days from 22-24th November, 2019 at The Book Cafe, Cyber Park, Jodhpur, ensuring a highly engaging and resourceful day for all the attendees.

For further details kindly contact:
Mr. Sushil Sharma
(CEO- Marwari Catalysts)