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Companies introduce AI, AR, VR technologies to grow business amidst lockdown

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Chander Sood
Chander Sood
Digital marketing professional.

8th May 2020: For many businesses, coronavirus is the toughest problem they’ve ever had to face. With their customers under lockdown, shops shuttered, cashflow drying up and their staff on furlough, they wonder how they’re going to survive. However, amid all these threats, some companies are finding ways to forge ahead. The following firms are all taking advantage of new commercial opportunities and expanding their business despite lockdown with the help of new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics etc.

Xanadu Realty

Coronavirus pandemic has clearly stroked the proliferation of numerous technological advancements for the Real Estate business. Xanadu Realty, a leading B2B Real estate consultancy firm, is planning to create a seamless customer journey that links all the dots in the entire value-chain, starting from demand generation and going beyond final closure and mortgage facilitation, online. Xanadu Realty leans in a significant way on the Virtual experience tool strengthened with Augmented Reality and AI amongst others to ensure that they adapt to future ready technical advancements that are accurate and well evolved. The organisation  is in the process of integrating the information with technology to create not only a virtual sales experience but also, approaching each customer in a personalised way. The plan is to leverage technology to design the process in a simulative manner, where they take the customer through the same journey that he/she encounters in a face to face engagement, but virtually. 


The covid-19 pandemic and the associated lockdowns are grounding industries around the world, and it is perhaps the biggest challenge in a generation for the agriculture sector in India. In the wake of the current situation AgriBazaar, India’s largest agri-tech marketplace is working closely with farmers, state governments and procurement agencies to allow trade from the safety of their homes. As a full-stack agritech player, AgriBazaar has replicated the physical mandi to an (electronic) e-mandi aggregator model through which once a farmer registers and uploads his produce, buyers can give orders for the purchase. And, once the deal is complete, AgriBazaar facilitates the logistics of picking up the grain from the farmer’s doorstep and delivering it to the buyers’ warehouse.   

DB Digital

India’s leading digital products startup offering the best news products – (Dainik Bhaskar, Divya Bhaskar and Divya Marathi), DB Digital is thriving on AI and ML, and is firming its grip over the Tier-2 and Tier-3 markets with its unique products. Because of the lockdown, a majority of Indians have now shifted to the digital mediums for news, and DB digital through its product offerings is serving tens of millions of users across the country on a daily basis, in multiple languages including Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. The startup offers the latest updates on the recent happenings from India and across the world. With the seamless use of high-end tech tools, it offers authentic and latest updates across subjects like politics, sports, business, health, technology, entertainment and lifestyle.  


India’s No.1 consumer robotics brand Milagrow recently announced its efforts with AIIMS, Moolchand, Fortis, etc, to help contain the spread of the pandemic amongst doctors and healthcare workers. Under this effort its advanced AI-powered robots – Milagrow iMap 9 and Humanoid ELF came to rescue.Manufactured in India, the Milagrow iMap 9 is a floor disinfecting robot that can navigate and sanitize the floors without any human intervention. Additionally, the robot can do zoning, virtual blocking of avoidable areas and sequential cleaning of zones based on specific needs. The Milagrow Humanoid ELF enables doctors to monitor and interact with contagious COVID-19 patients remotely with no person-to-person contact, thereby significantly reducing the transmission risk. Bored patients in isolation wards can also interact with their relatives from time to time through this robot. The Humanoid ELF can navigate around the ward independently and record the activities in high definition video and audio. Both the Milagrow iMap 9 and Humanoid ELF come with the auto charging feature. 


247around, is a home appliance service platform and a repair partner for leading brands like Gorej, Videocon, Whirlpool among others and has 10,000+ technicians across India. Customers can book repair of any brand appliance and can be assured of their safety.

The technicians are provided with an Engineer Buddy app which is integrated with the COVID 19 Red zones data, through which they can view the customer’s address and navigate the safest route by passing the coronavirus red zones. The app also allows the technicians to collect cashless payments, further to maintain contactless services. 

Technology is today as well as tomorrow, with this belief, we at Tradeindia work towards making its best use for ourselves as well as our clients. In order to help small businesses in easily as well as affordably creating their own website, we have created GetBizOnline, a Chatbot App. It is absolutely free to use and just a few clicks on it allows small businesses in creating striking website within a short span of time. Using Artificial Intelligence, we have developed our Tradeindia App which has over 6lacs downlload. This technology regularly updates us about tastes, preferences and behavior of users and helps us in displaying the most relevant information to them as per their interest. Moreover, we use Machine Learning capabilities in our Sales Force Automation App, which provides the most effective & accurate data to our sales force, boosts their productivity and helps them in easily working from remote locations.

Next Education

During the ongoing lockdown, when studies have been shifted to virtual learning, Artificial intelligence is a huge vault in the education industry, empowering the system with automation. Automating almost all kinds of learning resources is a significant aspect of availing AI. Both learners and facilitators can benefit from this innovation. For example, introducing AI-powered adaptive/personalised assessments help to gauge the individual abilities of the students and enable teachers to identify the learning gaps of the students. The seamless integration of AR and VR in the online academic landscape will help to personalise learning and upskill learners amid the school closures. Experiential learning tools powered by augmented and virtual reality also provide possibilities for learning beyond the classroom. For example, by accessing an AR-enabled textbook at home (via apps installed on various devices), students can read the text as well as view three-dimensional figures. For example, by using video games powered by AR/VR, students can visualise objects and extinct creatures from ancient eras. This makes for an exciting and immersive learning experience for students. Next Education India Private Limited has incorporated Augmented Reality in their smart solutions. AR Cards for children is an example of the same.

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