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How a Day Trader is Creating Waves in Mobile Apps Development Market!

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Amit Verma
Amit Verma
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Applancer LogoWith the proliferation of digital interfaces, from the web to mobile, it is becoming clear that the companies and customers are taking advantages of digital era for conveniences. A young and energetic Sahil Kohli created which simplifies and ties together the businesses and app developers in a single platform. In this story you will read how he is creating waves in mobile apps development market.

At the age of 18, Sahil Kohli, along with his friend started “Xerocopy” to lower the cost of photocopies. An innovative youth company focused on reducing the photocopies by including advertisements. A straightforward and impressive idea was a great hit among the college students. Gradually, he involved himself in day trading to understand how the market works and what affects the subtle movement in the prices.

His passion for developing something new taught him how to program. His next move was Exousia Tech, an app development company. His company created all possibilities and created functional and engaging mobile apps for all platform including iOS and Andriod. The whole team focused on building seamless applications for smartphones, Tablets, and other emerging connecting solutions. Working on several technologies, sometimes required to look out for talented teammates. It was challenging to find the brightest mind for certain projects. Soon this difficulty became the prime reason which influenced him to the creation of Applancer.

It was Founded by Sahil Kohli and launched on 21st April 2017. Applancer and its team operate from the EDC building in IT Park, Chandigarh. Applancer became a real initiative when the founder, Sahil Kohli, faced severe challenges while looking for clients while he was the CEO of Exousia tech an app development company.

Thus he created a platform which eases the process of meeting talented developers. Now, anyone who needs to build an app can directly visit Applancer and share their project details for free. This platform gives an equal chance to start up and established app developers. It is immensely useful for business and developers as it brings them together in one platform. Many companies having difficulties in finding the right mobile development company can quickly solve their requirements now.

Sahil Kohli - Founder & CEO of
Sahil Kohli – Founder & CEO of

For Applancer, the priority from the very beginning has been to give startups and emerging developers a piece of the business pie. Applancer already has 100 + developers on board! Not only are startups joining, but the big players, attracted by the openness of the platform have rushed to be a part of the Applancer.

The platform allows developers to join as a regular member, silver member, gold member and platinum member. Developers have the option to upgrade to from any subscription level to another subscription level at any point of time. The regular subscription is free of cost, but the rest have a price. The higher subscription you choose, the more transparent you will be to the clients and vice versa.

Appplancer has the tools and the strategy in place to give a shape to the business ideas which includes capable executors, trusted people and working with the open mind. It has a secure payment process and a Non- Disclosure Agreement keeping both your idea and your money safe.

Applancer gives a chance for app developers to showcase their skills, gain the trust of clients and provide access to reach various clients. Importantly it allows a large number of people to live their dreams of building demanding mobile apps.

How a Day Trader is Creating Waves in Mobile Apps Development Market!

“The future of mobile is the future of mankind”-Pete Lau, Oneplus. Applancer is providing a platform to meet mobile application developers ready with a specific set of skills. It will easy to find talented developers online and create an engaging solution for your businesses. He started a marketplace where app developers could join, display their skills and work, and attract projects. Now companies can experiment, develop and build a new breed of apps according to the endless needs and preferences of customers.

Applancer Associations
Applancer Associations

Thus it is making it easy for various businesses to adopt to mobile apps ,realizing that mobile presence is becoming a necessity. If a company wishes to compete locally or globally, companies need to uphold a strong presence on mobile devices. All business have ideas or concept of what their business want to achieve from apps, but it is hard to find mobile app development companies who can understand business requirement and give a shape to the ideas.

Applancer is bridging the gap of bringing business and mobile app developer on the same platform. The key is to connect people of what you are trying to do and who can work best to your advantage. With a thousand of options to choose from, Working with best and brightest will keep cost down and can do comparative analysis by getting connected to several developers at the same time. It would be easy to choose the best developers according to business requirement. The companies can choose to build apps according to industry specifics and business motives such as increased sales, improved customer engagement, growth brand visibility and brand name. Join the movement and reap the benefits of it.

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