Digitalastic – India’s Leading Digital Marketing Agency

Mrs. Harsha Bhagat - Co- Founder of Digitalastic
Mrs. Harsha Bhagat – Co- Founder of Digitalastic

Mission of Digitalastic – Leading Digital Marketing Agency In India: Digitalastic has a mission to provide digital business promotion services at each and every step of the business. It also helps to promote branding and it’s presence. Later in helps in generating the revenue which the core factor in any startup or venture. The key of Digitalistics is provide innovative new and affordable ways for ventures, startups and small enterprises in tier II & III cities and catering them within their budget range. As the capping in budget is the benchmark for our success.    

Founders of Digitalastic: The Company was incepted in 2018, with the aim to global reach and higher revenues to the startup ventures with a lower and affordable cost. It was founded by Mr. Manish Bhagat and Mrs. Harsha Bhagat.

Reason for inception

Started to pursue my passion for working digitally inspired me to discover the ways in which technology can be productively used for common man.We cater our services through various packages to promote businesses digitally, especially in tier II & tier III cities where people are scared of using digital modes of promotion. It is either due to unawareness or due to financial reasons and also due to lack of knowledge about online services.

So, our prima focus is on educating our clients and incurring them digital services at the low cost.

Insights About Manish Bhagat – Founder of Digiatalistic

I started early to work.Regarding my age, I am 25 year old young lad and I started working in this field early at the age of 17. I started to work when I was in XII standard.I joined college but could not complete my graduation due to my passion for work. I have learned all skills by doing it myself and experiencing. 

Mr. Manish Bhagat – Founder of Digitalastic

Moreover, I have started working as a free lancer and struggled a lot because I was too young for, to be trusted, I don’t have any documented qualifications and my location was not helpful in attracting the suitable clientage. I registered a partnership firm at Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, to gain trust of some organizations.  Later in 2017 I moved to Indore and started a fresh journey, worked at some companies, didn’t get any chance to express my own creativity. Sometimes worked without getting salary so as to showcase my work, but didn’t get the satisfaction. In the end, registration happened in the year 2018.

More About Digitalastic

Digitalastic – Leading Digital Marketing Agency

We are based at Indore, MP. 

I think it to be most suitable for me because it is the best location in Central India to work at. It is the cleanest city and fast developing location. Even though it is now attracting attention of big IT companies also. People from tier II & III cities hesitate to approach to digital companies located in Pune and Bangluru as they have created so much enlarged version of digital services. It is perceived that they are only affordable for MNCs and Giant businesses.Though the notion is wrong and widely used in smaller parts of the country as well.

My Dreams Awake Me

I always tend to find out the solutions to the various digital marketing problems and how we can promote a startup venture into a brand and also cater the various digital marketing services.

As eager to learn new, I am researching on new techniques of branding on social media and boosting sales of my e commerce clients. It consumes most of the hours of my night and that also empowers my learning.

Competitors of Digitalastic – India’s fastest growing digital marketing agency

The world of digital marketing is so wide and with no boundaries that everyone can create space for himself with some uniqueness. Competition exists only when you are copying and chasing someone else. Infant , it’s a big challenge to introduce one self with unique services in the market where people are not even aware of basics of the digital marketing. Startups are not welcomes in the Tier II and Tier III cities either to bad experience or due lack of knowledge. So our forte is to focus on clients and educate them as well.We aim to give the foolproof SEO solutions to the startups and the small scale businesses as well.

Work life Balance And Digitalastic

Definitely, if you hold on to something with all your focus, something else will skip out.

For my physical and mental health, I regularly practice breathing exercise and meditation that I have learned at The Art of Living program. I express my sincere gratitude to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shanker Ji, for that.

I awe regards to my parents and my younger brother Pranaya and my friend who are very much supportive and accommodative. And one more thing he hardly complains about me.

Indian Industry and It’s Growth

Yes it’s a reality. As in this fast growing world of means of communication, any industry to survive and grow has to use ‘pomp and show’, and for this one has to look towards event industry. 

Hurdles Manish Faced During The Inception of Digitalastic

Recruitment is always a toughest task and I find it is tedious to recruit the right person. Till now we are hiring raw hands and training them In house. Right now we are working with funds from family & friends, as we don’t have enough funds. As funding is integral part of the startup, we are expecting the influx of money inflow from the current projects.

And quality time spending for me means at least once in a month we go out at weekend. 

Five Years Now I see Me and My Company

Offices at 100+ locations across PAN India and regular of 5000 plus clients and turnover of around $100 Million Dollars.

Changes It Brings In The Particular Segment

We work hard for building trust of our clients, as for us their trust is the only asset we are striving for.We strictly hold on to our moral and ethical values, relationship within the team and with clients, quality of services we render and our clients vouch for us, and not even a single client has left us for the reason of dissatisfaction.

Quotes which inspired Manish

“Don’t think of anything as difficult. Know that we have an even greater power within and according to that we get tasks to do.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Some Memorable Experiences With the Clients

It is worth mentioning here that whenever we are at a deal closing stage with new clients, we could see a bit of hesitation in their eyes, like dealing with too young people or passing on a advance amount. But once they get associated with us, they completely rely on us. Almost all of our existing clients pay us 100% amount in advance.

“At the end of the day, trust is extremely important” Manish quips.

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