NEW DELHI | 1st December 2020: “Global Orphan Drug Clinical Trials, Patent & Guidelines Insight 2026” Report Highlights:

  • Global Orphan Drug Market Opportunity: US$ 300 Billion
  • US Dominates Global Orphan Drug Market: 50% Market Share
  • US Orphan Drug Opportunity To Surpass: US$ 150 Billion
  • Global Orphan Drug Clinical Insight: More Than 900 Drugs
  • Clinical Insight on Marketed Orphan Drugs: More Than 400 Drugs
  • Oncology To Dominate Orphan Drug Development: 35% Share
  • FDA & EMA Regulations For Orphan Drugs
  • Orphan Drug Designation Criteria & Reimbursement Policy by Country

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Global orphan drug market is an actively emerging market with respect to the current research activities that includes treatment for rare types of diseases. The primary reason for the extensive expansion of the market and the standardization of the market in the past few decades is the increase in the number of collaborations and clinical trials that have been reported in the healthcare sector. Since the emergence of the orphan drug market in the pharmaceutical sector, the world has been facing highest overall survival rate for the diseases for which there was no permanent cure or for the diseases for which the prevalence rate is very low. Involvement of some of the international market players in the market is also delivering strong clinical platform with gap for improvement in the rare disease treatment efficiency and performance. The momentum observed for rare diseases in the healthcare industry as recorded back in the early 2000’s is now not believed to slowdown as the global orphan drug therapy is involved in the availability of innovative healthcare strategies for minority patients.

The overall orphan drug market at the present time is associated with innovative and promising tools and strategies by the researchers with the help of tons of collaborations that are taking place to explore and unravel the information with respect to rare diseases and their mechanism of action and further deliver a blockbuster product in the pharmaceutical industry. The market in a very short period of time has been able to sketch down thousands of researchers towards treatment regimen that indicates towards an era that is unique and promising for the researchers, patients, investors and the payers. The inclination of the market towards some of the most complex challenges ever found in the therapeutics industry is leading the market to become one of the highly advantageous market at global level.

For meeting the needs of the minority percentage of the patients, local and multi-national market players are modifying their overall clinical operating models as well as alignment strategies for the sustainability of the newly developed market. An important parameter that is estimated to be playing a pivotal role in the overall establishment and growth of the orphan drug market is the accelerated rate at which advancement is taking place in medical science and technology.

Within a decade, the global market of orphan drugs has observed large penetration of the market, which is estimated to be the end result of unique partnerships between the drug makers, governing bodies as well as other important organizations associated with medical field. The experience of successful penetration of hundreds of orphan drugs in the past few decades has also helped the market to attain a global market size that is fascinating for a market whose target is very small percentage of patients when compared with other markets whose target patient population are huge. The overall shape of the market attained by the market in the biotech space available is also due to the fact that the market has very less percentage of competitors, thus giving the market players to perform into the market without any hassle.

As per research conducted for Global Orphan Drug Market, it is estimated that in the future years, the market at global level will be inclining towards conquering the goal of delivering better healthcare solutions even to the patients who disease condition is not common and who have remained devoid of any following treatment for long period of time. The increase in demand of the drugs for rare form of disease that are highly equivalent with the demand observed for other types of diseases is also keeping the regulatory bodies of the respective countries to focus on the current market development and enhancement. At global level, the market is indicting towards bright future scenario in terms of size, expansion, revenue generation and a CARG that will fall in the double-digit rate.