We are publishing an interview of Mr. Manas Ganguly, Founder & CEO, Brightsandz Technologies LLP.

Manas Ganguly, Founder & CEO, Brightsandz Technologies LLP
Manas Ganguly, Founder & CEO, Brightsandz Technologies LLP

About the founders 
Manas is the founding partner, chief executive and the man behind the wheels in Brightsandz Technologies. Before introducing Brightsandz, Manas has held different roles in business management, product development, platform monetization in various Telecom handset majors, application development companies and Telecom service providers. Manas has over 70 mobile device launches during his tenure at Nokia & Videocon, and 20 internet based devices at Sistema Shyam Teleservices Limited (MTS India). In his free time, Manas likes to read, absorb and reflect on topics that are of interest to him. Outside of work Manas has other philanthropic interests such as animal welfare (PETA), education of less privileged children (Smile foundation) and healthcare of under-priviledged (Pratham foundation).

What is the problem you are trying to solve? Can you share with us any insights that led you to believe that this is a big enough problem? 
Problem statement – Electromagnetic (fields) pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in the 20th century. What makes it even more potent is that it is insensible and invisible to our senses.

Customer Perspective

  • Look around yourself and make a note of the number of wireless, technology and electronics devices, products around yourself.
  • Think of your mother’s time – how many of these devices would have been there in her time. Your grandmother era?In 3 generations – we have added a huge stock of electrical, electronics and telecommunication based devices around ourselves. These devices emit radiation (of different intensities) most of which is not very healthy.
  • The multiplicity of electronics and gadgetry at homes – cellphones, WiFis, Smart TVs, Laptops, Electric generators, Invertors, Power units, stabilizers – all associated with radio frequency radiation and electromagnetic fields – both of which are declared to be carcinogenic in nature by World Health Organization.

Enterprise Perspective
We are at the cusp of explosion of digital technologies. IOT, AI & Machine learning, Automation, Smart City, Blockchain, Cloud infra and Home, M2M, Automotive – all these new technologies demand higher dimensions in computing within smaller enclosures, denser circuits and higher speeds. These will lead to new use cases for EMF radiation shielding as computing becomes more and more ubiquitous. High EMF environments will lead to compromises on data integrity. Therefore EMF radiation shielding is a key compliance based enabler for digital storage.

Community and Legislation Perspective
In the more forward-looking nations, EMF radiation is accorded a high risk pollutant – much like air, water or soil pollution. There are standards that have been set for limiting EMF radiation exposure – CEFAW in UK (July 2016), SAR standards to personal telecommunication devices (mobiles and laptops), International standards organization (for EMF effects on Machines), EPA (environment protection agency)/ NCRM (national council of radiation and measurements) for exposure ceiling rates etc. Infact in countries like France, Israel, Cyprus – WiFi is banned in sensitive locations such as schools, hospitals etc.

While there is legislation on control on EMF at workplaces, public spaces – implementation has not been uniform. This is more so with developing societies such as ours, where economic or wealth creation objectives super-cede individual and societal health concerns.

EMF radiation is a key risk to biological systems as well as computing systems. It is not a matter of compliance and good governance, but of health, safety and security.

What is the uniqueness about your Startup? 
1. There are multiple start ups working on AI, ML et all – How many EMF radiation shielding start-ups have your heard about?
2. India’s first EMF shielding start up with comprehensive and unique set of end to end solutions.
3. While all ventures need a certain degree of market oriented-ness, we take pride in the fact that we engineer and custom make products and solutions. Towards that we are an intellect, development and innovation faced company.

What is the revenue model? Explain your thought process. 
We work on three modes of revenue:
• Premise assessments and shielding
• Custom solutions (Enterprise segment)
• Products (Retail segment)

While premise assessments and shielding has been the key revenue driver in the 1st year, we are looking at custom solutions and retail segment products to scale up and drive revenues significantly going forward.

Premise assessment and shielding is the “foot in the door” – i.e first access to the consumer. Customizing solutions (normally for Enterprise) is the key learning and IP. We learn, experiment new shielding techniques from this step. We are in the process of patenting these solutions.

The solutions are then productized and packaged into Products. These are quick selling, high penetration products for the larger retail markets. This is where we intend to make 70% of our revenues.

Who are the consumers that you are targeting? How is this going to affect them? 
By our own estimates, while a larger part of the population is “aware” of the risks of EMF radiation, only 1.4% people manifest a desire and action to de-risk themselves. Quite clearly, engagement and dialogue with this 1.4% population is more important – because they are early adopters, opinion leaders and market mavens. If we get the game right with this early market – the rest should follow into place.

On multiple levels, it is just not a matter of compliance and good governance. From an individual perspective – it concerns safety and health of people and community. From an enterprise perspective it is about data – security, integrity and consistency. We have identified a “problem” trend here – and we think that is more useful than serving a “technology” trend. We are solving problems people and businesses have in a context meaningful to a safer today and future.

What is the big picture of your startup? Will it lead to something bigger? If so, how? 
EMF radiation and shielding is a $55 billion industry globally. India accounts for for $1.13 billion of this market @ 5.41% CAGR (2016-2024). Imports constitute to 81% of the Indian EMF market by value. Currently Defense and Heathcare constitute 70% of India’s EMF shielding solutions market ($800 million). Brightsandz Clean Tech Private Limited would want to position itself as the one stop shop EMF radiation products and services company in India with manufacturing and other services there-of.

Left to Right -Kiran Bali and Manas Ganguly

Going forward IOT, retail shielding, smart homes and automobiles are new technologies which will create new use cases for EMF detection and shielding. Data consistency, security and integrity in face of escalating exposures from EMF radiation is a key need in near term future. Therefore, Data infrastructure, Retail, Smart homes are fast emerging as underserved markets for EMF shielding and protection. These niches will provide break out opportunities in near term.

What is the success story of your startup in your own words? 
We believe that people stories are more resilient than success stories. Therefore our soft core focus is people (internal as well as external). Our success stories are lived and forgotten in 24 hours time frame always with some great beer and a good dinner.

Having said that and on an objective assessment, here are a few successes to write home about:
1. Being adjudged one of the most fundable startups in India (Indian Fund Fest, May 2017, Bangalore)
2. A great list of MVPs, 4 of which are commercial as we speak:
• Premise assessments
• Data rack shielding solution
• Personnel shielding solution
• Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield

Any other information about your startup that you would like to share with us.
We are a EMF shielding company – and we work across industries and use case scenarios. We are differentiated by our ability to think across multiple problem dimensions and innovate / customize solutions per user case. We are currently productizing the solutions into retail products. Our retail brand goes by the name Armor’ and we have the Laptop EMF shield as our first products. 3 more products are to follow suit. We also design and manufacture our own products. In a years time, we hope to sell in international markets as well. We are currently awaiting our first round funding to scale up operations and the team.

Thanks Manas. Best of luck!