Jigsaw Academy wins NASSCOM‘s Accolade “Accolafe Partner of Excellence” award for the coveted AI & Data Analytics curriculum.

Jigsaw Academy, a pioneer in emerging technology and data science training, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India: for the year, has been recognized as the “Partner of Excellence” of NASSCOM. For their foundation of Artificial Intelligence and Foundation of Big Data Analytics curricula, the apex body for the T-BPM sector in India also granted the Academy for the Certificate of Course Alignment.

The NASSCOM’s “Partner of Excellence” is awarded to an organization for being a partner and aligning it’s course content with the NASSCOM Future Skills model curricula. Through this prize, the trade association recognizes the most forward-thinking partner in introducing state-of – the-art alternatives to the problems of modern teaching.

Amit Aggarwal, NASSCOM SSC Chief Executive said on the occasion, “NASSCOM is pleased to be associated with the Jigsaw Academy. We are also extremely pleased to announce that Jigsaw has won the “Partner of Excellence Award 2019” for being a committed partner and for being the most forward-thinking in bringing cutting-edge solutions to the challenges of modern learning. Jigsaw also aligned it’s Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics Foundation courses with the Future skills model curricula defined by NASSCOM which is a great step forward.

Mr. Gaurav Vohra, co-founder and CEO of Jigsaw Academy said, “The academy has successfully mixed technology and digital content to provide professionals with optimized learning outcomes to achieve their true potential. We are honored to receive the award as it testifies to our commitment to our courses of technical excellence.

Organizations are evaluated on nine performance parameters, i.e., identify the objective of the analysis, define the type of data to be imported, define the key variables to be imported, identify suitable sources for data, perform data acquisition and store in data sets or data frames, populate metadata for imported data, validate imported data using suitable data.