Edtech Startup GuruQ Lets you Finding Certified Quality Tutors in a Few Clicks

The revised website introduces advanced customization features to suit every need | Adopting the latest technology is revolutionizing the Indian education system, and GuruQ is set to kickstart an app-based tutorial service to connect students to the right tutor

Minal Anand, Founder, GuruQ
Minal Anand, Founder, GuruQ

GuruQ, India’s leading digital platform for connecting students to certified user-rated tutors, has recently revamped its website by introducing additional features for tutors and students to meet sartorial needs. This digital ed-tech platform allows students or parents to be customized to create customized tutorial services for both online and offline classes based on tutor availability.

By adding two major options, the revised GuruQ has made the website user-friendly. First, Find The Right Tutor (FTRT) identifies an appropriate tutor based on both the needs of the student or parent, allows users to compare tutors based on their reviews and ratings, helps users select the best tutors from the lot. Second, Post Your Tuition Need (PYTN) allows students to post online their study requirements that are notified to all relevant teachers and enable interested tutors to respond.

The progressive online ed-tech platform is always on the verge of making the student’s life convenient as there are some great features such as home tutoring or placing tutors, providing the current teacher with instant classes to clear up any doubts, asking for bulk classes at a discounted price and individual or group classes based on their needs.

The tech-driven startup formulated not only interesting but also intriguing to build the online platform. With the latest technology such as M (Mongo DB) E (Express JS) A (Angular / React) N (Node JS), it is framed on a one-of – a-kind system that combines the TOP platforms and functionalities seen through which the Indian Education system has been transformed to make it future-ready.

Speaking on this occasion, Minal Anand, Founder, GuruQ said, “Great responses are being given to the latest and advanced features. With this, GuruQ developed a Public or Private Group class, expanding the workspace station to exchange notes and assignments for students and tutors.”

Minal Anand, Founder, GuruQ
Minal Anand, Founder, GuruQ

GuruQ focuses on the constant assessment of daily assessments by students, personalized attention to make them achieve better marks and motivates them to be the best among the rest in today’s competitive cut-throat world. The refurbished platform has an upgraded custom student dashboard that allows students and tutors to access timetables, assignments, notes, tests and report cards.

“During my college education in the USA, I saw a dramatic difference in the education system compared to the quality in India, the predominant use of the digital platform, and groundbreaking teaching methodologies. I witnessed a huge disparity even back home between students who had studied abroad and had not. A big reason for this difference is that the educators in India are not well-equipped or well-versed in innovative teaching methods. Although schools in India are making considerable efforts for providing quality education, the declining teacher-student ratio in schools does not encourage teachers to devote quality time to each student. Home tuitions meet this demand for personalized attention for the requirement of today’s curriculum. Equipping tutors with the latest teaching methodologies becomes even more important and keeping them up-to-date with international approaches to contribute to better learning. My quest for doing something innovative made me understand the challenges and create a platform that would revolutionize homeschooling, ”she adds.

In addition to the digital platform, GuruQ is also planning to launch an app to ensure that students, parents and tutors are quick, convenient, easy and transparent. To make a big difference in the ed-tech platform, the launch of the GuruQ application will be a game-changer as it takes ample safety measures before appointing a tutor through user-friendly options and benefits students in selecting tutors that are considered fit for online and offline tutorial classes.

A few clicks away on GuruQ not only puts the right tutor within reach for both students and parents, but also easily substitutes tutors for online, offline and dubious clearing classes in a minimum of time. GuruQ boasts to have the best educational industry tutors to suit every budget for all subjects. The Company claims to register 17000 + tutors with a stringent five-step screening process through which they can become a certified tutor who is not only safe for the students, but also provides parents with a sigh of relief.