India has nearly 300 million kids in 1.4 million schools and 51,000 colleges. Thirty-seven year old Poonam Chopra in Delhi is exploring new options for home schooling to keep her 11-yr old daughter engaged and help her learn during the lockdown. In the wake of this emergency, schools around the country are shifting to digital learning with the help of their academic partners to facilitate students with up-to-date content and syllabus so that learning never stops for them.

Shemford Group of Futuristic Schools provides, home-learning solutions,live classes, flipped-learning and many more so that thestudents can access content taught by the teacher at home. This also helps the students to access audiovisual explanations of concepts, solved examples, ebooks, interactive simulations, practice questions, adaptive assessments and more at their convenience.  The online classes are planned in such a way that they create a virtual classroom, thereby connecting students and teachers to facilitate remote learning.   

Since, staying home is the best that we can do now,educational technology companies are taking online education to the next level and industry players like Next Education India Pvt Ltd, has come up with ‘Live Lecture’, to facilitate remote learning which will connect students and teachers to ensure a seamless transition from offline to online education systems. Students can join the live class from anywhere and revisit the recorded sessions as many times they want and this will also allow schools to take live classes with added benefits of creating a virtual and interactive classroom.