Modere India Compensation Plan, Career Path & Bonuses for Social Marketers

Modere India Compensation Plan, Career Path & Bonuses for Social Marketers

Modere India is connecting dots, from customer innovation, to product experience. Their business model is the best for you and the community is ever strong just to satisfy the customer’s desire. Together they will build and create an entirely new approach, where every single participant can join as a social marketer, make a positive impact and define their unique level of success. They are a vibrant team of individuals dedicated to delivering quality experiences and shaping healthy and strong lifestyle. Our passion aligns us while the belief drives us.

Modere India Compensation Plan, Career Path & Bonuses for Social Marketers

It all starts with the customer, if they are provided with the best experience possible, it creates the greatest opportunity for each. The unique model which is their compensation plan, is built to support the behaviours, that define the experience, that creates the value we need. Our main and fundamental focus in Modere is about attracting, growing, retaining and sustaining our customers. The customers should be able to transact again without being skeptical about doing business. They support the value proposition by providing a plan that rewards those entrepreneurs who have incredible and unique abilities to attract customers and drive to build strong sales organization.

Delving into the details of Modere compensation plan could be quiet cumbersome and large, but it’s simplified for better comprehension on three natural behaviours which are: Acquire customers, Become a Team Leader, Develop Team Leaders- if you are willing to succeed with Modere then you are left with no choice than to focus on these key activities.


Anyone that is willing to join Modere can freely join as a Social Marketer, free of cost by signing a Social Marketer Agreement with the company, agreeing to abide by its terms and conditions which is the rules guiding the noble company, with the policies and procedures and providing KYC documents as stipulated. Upon joining officially, an entrepreneur becomes a Social Marketer. As they progress with their monthly sales and target, they progress through the Modere career path. Progression through the career path opens new opportunity for recognition and increased earning potential.

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Earn up to 36% Commission on all Sales.

Social Marketers can earn up to 10% to 36% in commissions on their Sales Point(SP) coming from their own sales effort and the efforts of their first level Social Marketers who have not enrolled another SM.

Key Sales Bonus payments are paid monthly and are based on the Social Marketer’s paid Promoter Tittle calculated in the monthly commission run. This bonus pays through The Personal Sales Team Structure. The more customers you can resell products to the bigger your refund in sales.

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The Promoter Sales Development Bonus rewards a Social Marketer for helping, training and assisting their team develop sales to their customers. The Promoter Development Bonus pays through the Sales Team Structure to the first qualified upline with the Paid Builder Title of Team Leader, Director(Director 1 to 3) and Elite(Elite 1 to 3) who helped, trained and assisted the Social Marketer achieve a promoter Title of Silver, or higher, sell products to key customers.

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Social Marketers that qualify as a Builder Title of Consultant and Seller, Title of Silver or higher are eligible for a special 2 direct level Unilevel Bonus.

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To receive a Monthly Team Sales Bonus that is paid at 100%, a Social Marketer must qualify with a Paid Title that is equal to their highest Builder Title or one Title below and meet the requirements for the Personal Sales Team Organization Points (PSTOP).

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Points from Social Marketer product sales made by your team of members are paid through the Generational Unilevel. 60% of the points paid through the key sales Bonus are paid through the Generational Unilevel. 100% of the points from a recurring sale from a Social Marketer not paid through the key Sales Bonus are all paid through the Generational Unilevel.

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The Leadership Development Bonuses are the most attractive, exciting and eye-catching bonuses for Social Marketers. This bonus allow leaders to earn deep into their organization. Elite Social Marketers are eligible to earn Leadership Development Bonuses based on Generational Unilevel Commissions paid to Directors and Elites within the Elite Social Marketers Team.

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