Modere India Pre-launch: All That You Wish to Know



Current: Modere India is Preparing for Pre-launch and launch.

July to August 2020: First Phase Modere India Pre-launch

September to October 2020: Second phase Pre-launch

Q4 (November-December)

  • Target for official market launch
  • Virtual launch event

Modere India Pre-launch Details

1) Pre-launch phases are for indian social marketer to pre-register in order to be ready upon official launch.

  • A social marketer from any market may refer an Indian social marketer
  • Once pre-registered, an Indian social marketer may refer social marketers in any market and customers in any market(except india)

2) No products are sold or shipped during the pre-launch phases.

3) No commissions are paid during the pre-launch phases.

  • Indian social marketers who build in countries where Modere is open during pre-launch phases will have commissions held until official opening of India when commissions will be paid, subject to qualification.

Why join during the Modere India Pre-launch?

1) Earn special recognition as an “Early Adopter”

2) Anyone who pre-registers by November 30, 2020 will receive a 5% income multiplier for three months after launch.

3) You have the opportunity to earn 100% income multiplier for three months after launch.


  • Carb Blocker
  • Digestive Enzyme
  • Fibre
  • Liquid BioCell pure
  • Mineral Solutions
  • Probiotic Stick Pack
  • TRIM Coconut Lime
  • TRIM Lemon
  • TRIM Vanilla


1) Nutrition Essential Collections (10% discount): Fiber, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotic Stick Park, Mineral and Carb Blocker

2) Pure and TRIM Collection(10% discount): Liquid BioCell pure, TRIM (Coconut Lime, Lemon and Vanilla)

3) Pure and TRIM Collection(10% discount): Fiber, Digestive Enzyme, Probiotic Stick Pack, Mineral and Carb Blocker, Liquid BioCell pure, TRIM (Coconut Lime, Lemon and Vanilla)

  • Special collections are available to Indian social marketers after pre-registering.
  • By selecting a collection, social marketer and making a commitment to purchase after the official launch. No products will be sold or shipped until after that time.
  • Pre-registering, committing to purchase and completing purchase qualifies you as an Early Adopter.

Click here for Modere India Social Marketer registration.

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