Bengaluru, September 09, 2019 – Today CPC Analytics has been announced by NTT DATA, the leading IT service provider, as India finalist for its tenth International Open Innovation Contest. The Management Consulting Firm CPC Analytics focuses on the management of scientific and technological relations, enabling people to share knowledge, innovate and operate more efficiently. This startup has been selected to best suit the goals of the Open Innovation Contest and the ability of its team to address the challenges of the contest efficiently. The Judges’ Choice Award for their intelligent document processing solution with AI and ML was presented to KlearStack.

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One of the objectives of the contest is to promote businesses using technologies that support to society in a positive way All categories of entries must be in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to promote progressive approaches to poverty, hunger and inequality. BoomNbuzz, a company that utilizes technology for providing affordable health care and education to people who do not have access to it, has received a specific recognition for an outstanding alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A total of 11 startup companies were shortlisted and early-stage companies competed for the competition held at NTT DATA’s Whitefield campus, in Bengaluru.

Innovation leaders and chief technology officers at NTT DATA will provide business development and mentorship for CPC Analytics and KlearStack to prepare for the grand finale 2020 in Tokyo on 24 January. With NTT DATA clients and the assistance of a dedicated team of consultants, technologists, and business experts, the winner will receive up to 100.000 USD to build a proof of concept or pilot.

NTT DATA Open Innovation Contest Winners - Finalists from 16 different cities around the world will compete in Tokyo for the 2020 grand finale

NTT DATA’s annual Open Innovation Contest is the reverse pitch for entrepreneurs all over the world to help solve some of the challenges of NTT DATA and to use new technologies to make the world a better place. The company has been hosting this annual contest for a decade to identify innovators whose distinctive ideas, combined with the guidance of NTT DATA, can have a positive impact on society.

India Regional Open Innovation Contest Start-ups
Zestl Software
Invilogic Software
Spashta Technologies
CPC Analytics
AutomationEdge Technologies
Big Data Science Research
Network Insights

NTT DATA is conducting regional contests globally in 16 cities around the world, selecting 1-2 winner(s) in distinct business challenges. Following the selection of winner(s) at each regional contest, NTT DATA experts will work with their respectivewinner(s) to determine where the product or service of the winning company could be used in the client ecosystem of NTT DATA and will assist to improve their presentation for the grand finale.

“The quality of the applications and the depth of innovation that the start-ups showcased during the pitch day were of world class.” said Kris Fitzgerald, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NTT DATA Services. “NTT DATA is inspired by the tough competition here and we are excited to welcome CPC Analytics and KlearStack to join us in Tokyo for the grand finale in January 2020. Our culture at NTT DATA is to promote innovation, help our customers bring improvements to the nations they work, and we hope that our thought leadership and ongoing interactions with innovators will benefit the Indian tech community.”

Kris Fitzgerald, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NTT DATA Services
Kris Fitzgerald, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NTT DATA Services

This year’s NTT DATA contest posted the following business challenges in the areas of: healthcare and life science; finance, insurance and payments; automation and mobility as a service; telecommunications and IoT ; Physical Stores & marketing, smart automation; data distribution and disruptive social innovation. 11 Companies were selected to pitch their prospective solutions to particular problems at the Bengaluru event.

Last year’s world champion of the contest was FlytBase from Pune, India ; a company focused on building the world’s first Internet of Drones platform for easy deployment of smart drones connected with cloud-based business applications.

In addition to FlytBase and other regional winners, NTT DATA is presently working with a number of last year’s contestants on multiple commercial opportunities.