Delhi, India | 16th January 2020: Now our customers can get their daily micronutrient from the brand they know and trust.

Finally, the moment arrived, OK Life Care has eventually launched its first-ever ads showcasing our new product – My 90. It is high-quality multivitamins that is prepared after profound research and studies and high-quality ingredients. My 90 is a complete multivitamin that provides a combination of all essential vitamins and minerals which is needed on a daily basis.

Get physically and mentally fit for upcoming challenges

Multivitamins are considered as one of the best sources to fill daily nutritional requirements and gaps in their diet. As a matter of fact, dietary consumption studies indicate a broad range of nutrient gaps among all walks and gender of people in our country which many individuals are not aware of it. Especially athletes and other hardcore sportspersons will be highly benefited by including My 90 multivitamins in their daily diet which is quite explicitly evident in the advertisement. Physical fitness is simply indispensable to face the challenges of life, career, competition and health. My 90 will help you to prepare for daily challenges in life both mentally and physically.

Our Media and Marketing Manager says, “We have exhibits in the advertisement that how My 90 can help a normal or professional athlete to compete them by invigorating their physical and mental function and help them remain fit and active despite whatever they do in their 24-hour schedule.” He further added that our brand has always fulfilled the commitment that we have made to our valued customer. This product is just an elaboration of our commitment.

My 90 – Our research shows tremendous results

During the launch event the company CEO, Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Chairman, Managing Director and other eminent personalities were present. According to the CEO – Mr. D.K. Saharan, “We have accumulated various scientific and medical information before giving a final shape to our product. In fact, My 90 is tested and researched on 10 people from various categories for a period of 3-4 months. After consuming My 90 multivitamins daily, the results are extremely excellent and gratifying. In the overall body check conducted, it is found that they have found certain improvements in the immunity, digestion and blood circulation and energy level.”

My 90 – Eliminate essential micronutrient scarcity

As per the nutritional health research, it is revealed that a high percentage of active people in our country including sportspersons and professionals do not get sufficient micronutrients such as vitamins D and E as well as other essential vitamins from their daily diet. Consuming the essential vitamins are imperative for the proper functioning of organs in our body. It also helps in improving digestion, blood circulation, balancing hormones, and so on. My 90 multivitamins contain 90 different vitamins, minerals and other useful ingredients that help to boost up our immunity and health condition comprehensively.

It is needless to say that OK Life Care always work tirelessly to bring world-class and quality product for our customer at a reasonable cost. We are committed and our entire team is dedicated to producing such contribution to society. The launch of My 90 multivitamins is the latest inclusion to our long list of natural and quality products already available for the consumer.