Optisafe, An Optiemus Venture, Launches Smart ID Card with SOS Functionality

New Delhi, Delhi, India | 17th January 2020: Optisafe, venture of Optiemus Infracom (BSE: 530135, NSE: OPTIEMUS) launched three new distress companion devices, Smart ID Card with SOS Functionality, MyBuddy Wallet tracker and MyBuddy Finder. Optisafe which launched its first device in March 2019 is already making innovations and launching products around personal security and asset tracking. The company also announced the expansion of the Optisafe Safety Device portfolio with MyBuddy Wallet and MyBuddy Finder, in India. The new smart devices enable location tracking, audio/video recording & triggers siren on SOS contacts.

The new device, Smart ID Card comes with a unique design to help people, especially in distress. Built on the features of MyBuddy Distress companion, which was launched in March 2019 by the company, the Smart ID Card is another innovation by Optisafe which makes personal security more accessible. The device works as a holder for the access or identity card which is commonly used by all. The new product uses a simple card pull mechanism for activation, making it fast & convenient to communicate an emergency to the loved ones, getting them to act in time. Once activated, the device sends SOS message with location, audio & video recording to a chosen group of people. The Smart ID card is convenient, non-intrusive device, which makes it extremely easy to wear or carry.

The other two products, MyBuddy Wallet and MyBuddy Finder were also launched today. MyBuddy Finder is a smart device that helps you to locate misplaced items in no time.  The device raises an alarm to alert when the person moves away from it, hence, you never lose your belonging’s! A super slim smart device, MyBuddy Wallet tracker is a new personal safety product designed by Optisafe to safeguard one’s belongings by raising an alarm when the person moves away from the device. MyBuddy runs on a smart technology and is designed to be a modern-day solution to the age-old problem of personal safety & security outdoor or indoor.

The Smart ID Card offers following services on activation:

  • Two-way siren: Sounding off loud distress siren simultaneously on the device as well the user’s smartphone.
  • SOS message: Sends a SOS message and triggers distress siren to three pre-defined contacts
  • Inbuilt location tracker: Location link opens up a live location tracker that the recipient can use to navigate the user’s location.
  • Audio and video recording: Triggers audio and video recording on the user’s smartphone, helping in understanding SOS situation during the incident thereby enabling them to react accordingly.

MyBuddy Finder and MyBuddy Wallet:​

  • Bluetooth Enabled – The device is enabled with BT 4.2 that helps in getting connected to the phone and making it easy to trace the misplaced item in no time.
  • In-built location tracker – The devices uses GPS of the phone to trace the exact location of misplaced item. Hence, one can easily locate it by using map from your Optisafe app.
  • Easy to Carry – It is very tiny and light in weight, hence, it can be carried everywhere. 
  • Buzzer – Pressing the button on the device twice in succession, it rings an alarm on the phone, hence, making it easy for you to locate.

Commenting on the new device launch today, Mr. Dinesh Prasad, CEO of Optisafe said, “There has been growing concerns on women safety and associated crimes therefore making it crucial to have the right technological support to ensure the safety of the citizens. Students and working women can insert their identity/access cards in this holder device. Since access cards are always with the employees, the new Optisafe devices can be handy at all times and can be activated by simple pull mechanism whenever one is in distress. Our device has been specially designed using patent pending technology taking special care on usage convenience and SOS communication making it extremely easy to use during distress situations.

The product can be activated on the Optisafe Mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. The users can download the app from the relevant app store and can also pair their Optisafe My Buddy device using Bluetooth.

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