23rd June 2020: With the new normal coming into play, OWO Technologies Pvt. Ltd., realising the need of the hour, has launched a micro delivery app OwO, dealing in essential goods delivery. Mr. Rajiv Pratap Rudy (special guest), along with Mr. Ajay Chhangani, CEO – OwO Technologies, launched the app on all the digital platforms of OwO technologies. OwO is a subscription-based micro-delivery service, available on both, android and iOS platforms. With initial funding on INR 5 Cr., OwO has started its services with packaged drinking water delivery across Gurugram. OwO plans to expand its operations to Delhi NCR followed by Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, within 2020-21.

Addressing the app launch event via digital platforms, Ajay Channgani, CEO- OwO Technologies, said “India is a huge market for e-commerce products and every other international brand is pushing money in the Indian market because of the potential it has. However, we recognized that none of these e-com biggies are truly an Indian entity. All the major players in the market are funded by one or the other foreign enterprise(s). Adding on, none of these players are penetrating more than 50-60 cities across India. Realizing that we have an opportunity to create an e-commerce delivery app that touches almost every district in India with a product that everyone needs, specifically to promote only “Made in India” products, we decided to take a leap and hence OwO was born.”

When asked how OwO aims to stand out, Ajay mentioned “In our efforts to create a conducive environment for our countrymen, we have decided to bestow a share of our profits for freedom fighters & martyrs, unemployed youth and the underprivileged sections of the society. While the socio-economic up-lifting of India’s people is our prime motto, we also envision to create a disruption in the delivery service industry. We are going to bring a 360⁰ makeover to the supply-chain practices that are being currently followed in the industry.”

Currently being popularized via digital marketing tools, OwO aims to cover North India & NCR within the first three months of its operations. By the next quarter, the operations will spread out through UP, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. In its 3rd quarter, OwO plans to get through Western and Southern India and eventually moving to 600 cities of the country by 2023. OwO has 50 employees under its umbrella at the moment and plans to hire 100+ people by the end of 3 months. The team size is expected to grow up to 500 people per year and by 2022-2023, OwO aims to bring 5000+ employees on board across various verticals starting from tech individuals to sales & marketing professionals. 

To accomplish world-class services for the customer base, OwO has set up temperature-controlled warehouses at every 15 km in the city that also helps in smoother operations. OwO is starting delivery operations with a basic commodity that is required by businesses as well as households across the world. There services will be directed to both B2B and B2C segments. Taking social responsibility as its prime motto, OwO is a true Indian brand, creating disruption in the delivery service industry by assuring quality in all aspects of operation and products involved.