2nd July 2020: If what you do outside “work” is your true love, then why not consider making it your career too? This question has haunted us at one certain point of time in our lives. People run after full time jobs and forget about their hobby in their lives. Making a profession out of their hobby has never been an option.

But this trend is changing as people are pursuing their hobbies and passions to create their livelihood. There are many startups which are helping such people to transform their hobby into a business or profession.

Knorish – Knorish is a technology company with an all-in-one online course platform that allows anyone and everyone to launch their online academies that sell courses and content. It enables individuals such as artists, trainers, coaches, professionals, consultants, experts, and institutions to build and launch their entire online business.

The feature-packed platform offers full-stack course creation tools for launching online courses and businesses. The platform comes with a custom website builder and a themes library that helps you quickly build an entire site in just a few hours, a course builder tool that helps create multimedia-rich content including Videos, PPTs, Word docs, Prezi presentations, embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, conduct automated assessments, and more. Additionally, the platform automates payment collection via pre-integrated payment gateway and has been built specifically to ensure that anyone and everyone with a hobby or skill can build and launch their online academy.

Shiprocket – Shiprocket is India’s largest e-commerce shipping and enablement platform for SMBs. The technology powers shipping and fulfilment for SMEs, D2C retailers and social commerce sellers in India. With 20 courier partners on board, the brand enables pan-India as well as international shipping deliveries. Anyone who has a hobby of creating products and is a seller on social media or owns a website can be helped by Shiprocket for all his/her logistic needs across India. The platform also helps such small sellers with its variety of services from Website developments, Live tracking of package, packaging solution and act as a fulfillment partner to its sellers right from where the order is placed to a customer doorstep.

Meesho – Meesho is an Indian-origin social commerce platform founded in 2015. It enables small businesses and individuals who can turn their hobby into business by starting their online stores via social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. Meesho is headquartered in Bengaluru and aims to soothe some of the WhatsApp commerce pain points by moving much of the buying experience to its dedicated mobile shopping app. From where customers can browser ‘carousels’ of product, ask questions to the buyer, and make an online payment via a clickable URL if they prefer that to cash or bank transfer.

Youtube – YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. It offers a wide variety of user-generated videos pertaining to different concepts, facts and sectors and help people monetize according to the interest generated on the platform in the form of likes and views. For Years, Youtube has been proven to be one of the best platforms for various hobbyists, bloggers and content creators to turn their interest into monetization and generate business.

Instagaram – Instagram is an American photo and video-sharing social networking service that allows users to upload media, which can be edited with filters and organized with tags and location information and shared among users across countries. Instagram has been proven as a very good medium for various hobbyists, sellers and experts to monetize their skills. Be it a food lover, a health enthusiast, small seller or a photographer Instagram has generated business for millions through brand associations in a very unique way and helped people create and establish business.