1st July 2020: The surge in unemployment from the coronavirus contagion has many industries shifting their dynamics to remote working, a practice that has recently seen a spike worldwide. But remote working too has its pros and cons. While it is the need of the hour to save the world from the pandemic, it makes the team coordination, communication, goal settings a difficult task at the grass-root level. To overcome these issues the remote workers need to start using technologically advanced tools in their daily lives.

Take a look at the list of 5 must-have tools and apps that are bound to make the working from home easy for you:

Dockabl: Dockabl aims to enable organizations to perform better by providing continuous performance management through a set of modules that work in harmony. Via Dockabl, organizations can transition to a continuous and real-time performance management system that benefits both the growth of the organization & its employees. Dockabl provides a unique value proposition to various stakeholders, alike (employees, managers, project leaders, HR process owners, and CEOs).

Slack: Slack is an instant messaging, remote office communication tool for teams and remote workers. It has great team management features for managing projects, assigning teams, planning launches, and openings, reviewing employee and sales contracts, and more.

Brain.fm: Brain.fm is a collaboration between scientists, musicians, and developers who each believe that the best approach to functional music is not curation of existing music, but through research, testing, and in every way crafting music with function first. They create music to support you in everyday activities–helping people get more done, feel more relaxed, or get better sleep.

1Password: 1Password remembers all of your passwords to help keep your accounts safe. It is used as the easiest way to store and use strong passwords. Log in to sites and fill forms securely with a single click.

Workfront: Whether you’re designing new products, driving technology transformation, or creating global marketing campaigns, Workfront provides a single, central application platform to share ideas, create content, manage processes, and do your best work.