Services for Treasury Management According to IBN Technologies, outsourcing boosts business effectiveness through using data

PUNE, India | 7th December 2022: IBN Technologies is the go-to outsourcing partner for treasury management services for multiple clients that rely on the team’s expertise around cash management risk management, finance and treasury control.

The post pandemic times and a looming recession have pushed growing businesses to optimize their cash management efficiency while they focus on their core business strengths. A lot of companies outsource treasury management  services to prioritize their efforts on units of customer acquisitions, product / service development, effectiveness of operations and others.

Following points describe how business performance can be optimized by outsourcing treasury management services

IBN Technologies, with its experience of over 22 years in the KPO industry, has adequate knowledge of US GAAP’s & IFRS processes. As accounts payable and accounts receivables continue to converge with treasury management, businesses are looking for finance and accounting service provider partners that help them stay updated and ahead. With IBN Technologies’ KPO services, companies get access to a set team working on treasury management services. These resources are scalable, provenly efficient and highly cost-effective, when compared to local service providers. This combination gives companies outsourcing their treasury management, a huge benefit of having an extended, offshore team that works like an in-house team, without having to go through the recruitment process in these times.

Within treasury management, IBN Technologies, a forward-thinking finance and accounting outsourcing company, offers following services:


  • Global Cash Positioning, reporting in consolidated Cash sheet and updating cash Balances
  • Analyzing global liquidity
  • Minimize external debt
  • Enhancing working capital and resolving Cash Crunch
  • Decreasing organization costs
  • Smooth cash flow management
  • Generating FX Portfolio Positioning / FX Confirmation & Communication
  • MTM – Forex Finances / Hedging Reports Preparation 


  • Eliminate losses that arise from non-core risks
  • Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Country Risk
  • Accounting Risk (FASB and IFRS / IAS)
  • Commodity Price Risk


  • Non-Profits
  • Project management services
  • Consulting services
  • Interim management services
  • Sparring partner services
  • AR Securitization Journal Entries
  • Manual Payment AP Management
  • Intercompany Current Account Statement generation
  • Cash Entries
  • Global Acquisitions
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Credit Card Reconciliations


  • Help to judge funding proposals
  • Help out in managing new/existing loan, debt and liability maturities
  • Help to get grant and revoke collateral (Bank Guaranties, Letters of Credits)
  • Help to choose good lenders
  • Global Cash Report – Balance Updating
  • Generating FX Portfolio position and Communication
  • Updating Balances for Asset and Liabilities file
  • Intercompany account statement / Synthesis / Interest scales generation
  • Help to find alternatives for bank funding and implement these, such as issuance in the public market (bonds, private placements, commercial paper programs, medium term notes) or set up of securitization programs or factoring program

“Companies focusing exclusively on their growth objectives trust IBN Technologies with these time-consuming finance and accounting processes. Our treasury management services team helps clients improve productivity, better efficiency, reduce exposure to risks associated with cash management and streamline the day-to-day / monthly and yearly financial processes in an effective manner”, says Mr. Ajay Mehta, CEO and Founder of IBN Technologies.

Here is what a client of IBN Technologies says on their experience of outsourcing treasury management to IBN:

“IBN has helped in designing and Developing automation of 2 workflows called as Online Manual Payment Workflow & Bank Guarantee Workflow System. We have centralized the management of our requests and eliminated the risk of critical transactions being impacted by emails that got missed or sent to the incorrect individual. We have been able to manage and track approval within the system from both the business organizations and Corporate Treasury. 

We have the benefit of having a repository for all order related information as well as the issued guarantees. The business staff are also able to track the process using the system.”

CFOs and Treasury Managers outsource treasury management to work more efficiently on core business areas smartly and avail the following benefits:

  • Expert Skills and Knowledge – enhanced risk management, control revenue and expense, performance and control over Finance
  • Risk Management – outsourcing treasury management services leads directly to improved quality of business performance and reduced operational and business risk levels
  • Financial Reporting – enhanced reporting, financial projections and planning, Budgeting
  • Quick Turnaround – with an offshore team, your department saves a lot of time
  • Human Resources – Reduce dependency on hiring, control recruitment costs and remove the worry of employee retention

With an outsourced offshore treasury management team at IBN, corporate treasury departments can focus on strategic initiatives, reduce operating costs of their department, scale their team in short time, whenever required, by extending the offshore team resources and focus on increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the department.

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