SleepyCat contributes to the education of future nurses on International Nurses Day

Bengaluru | 13th May 2020: SleepyCat, the pioneering mattress-in-a-box company, wants to pay tribute to the nurses who are tirelessly risking their lives day in and day out fighting against the global pandemic, Covid-19. The company will be donating sales proceeds from the SleepyCat Plus mattresses towards a foundation for the education of future nurses.

Nurses and other medical staff are the heroes who have worked tirelessly as frontline warriors and their importance needs to be acknowledged with utmost humility and respect. Many of them have worked multiple shifts, fighting exhaustion through sheer determination. SleepyCat believes that India needs to acknowledge their contribution while ensuring they have the necessary support in the future.

SleepyCat believes that if they could support the education of a future nurse, it would compound to changing many more lives.

Mr. Kabir Siddiq, CEO and Founder of SleepyCat says, “When SleepyCat was born, I was really determined that we are not only going to determine success from a business perspective but also our impact on society. SleepyCat has always found joy in doing what we can to give back to society. We chose SleepyCat Plus Mattresses only, because it is one of the highest-selling products. We are very happy paying this tribute to the nurses who are working round the clock with tough working conditions with little to no recognition for their hard work.”

SleepyCat will be contributing not only for a day but for the whole month of May. The community built at SleepyCat has helped tie-up with organizations such as Global Citizen India and The Robin Hood Army to help the ones in need in ways that matter.

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