SPARSH Hospital Successfully Completes First BMT Procedure

SPARSH Hospital Successfully Completes First BMT Procedure

Bengaluru, 21st October 2019: SPARSH Hospital, one of the leading super specialty hospitals in Bengaluru, opened its doors to BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) in September 2019, with 250 beds along with the highly skilled medical experts intends to fill a critical gap for such treatment in the city, making it the third facility to offer this procedure.

SPARSH Hospital Successfully Completes First BMT Procedure
SPARSH Hospital

SPARSH Hospital announces the success of their first BMT procedure. Ms. Nethravathi, a 49-year old female underwent allogeneic BMT through a fully matched family donor. The Department of Haematology, Paediatric Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant in SPARSH Yeshwanthpur is led by Dr. Mahesh Rajashekhariah, Dr. Sunil Udgire and Dr. Anand Kumar K, along with a dedicated and trained staff.


Nethravathi (name changed), a 49-year old female underwent allogeneic BMT through a fully matched family donor. Prior to the treatment, she experienced Chronic Myeloid Leukemia which affects bone marrow. After undergoing chemotherapy and full recovery, she went through with BMT. She is stable and is now on a regular diet. She has experienced minimal complications such as mucositis only prior to engrafting.

“Patient is a middle aged woman who was diagnosed with CML a form of blood cancer in 2017 and was put on a simple oral drug called Imatinib. She was stable until June 2019 when her blood cancer upstaged and she required systemic chemotherapy to reduce the burden of disease. After a few cycles of chemotherapy she attained a stable disease status.

Now the next challenge was to consolidate this advantage by undergoing bone marrow transplant. She had two fully HLA matched siblings, one was chosen as a donor after appropriate work up. Finally a plan was made to take her up for BMT” Said Dr. Sunil Udgire, Consultant Paediatric Hematologist, Oncologist & BMT Physician.

Dr. Anand Kumar K, Paediatric Haematologist,  said, “Challenges in her BMT were, during her prior chemotherapy courses she had harboured a multidrug resistant bug and her physical status was hampered. This means that we could not expose her to very high dose chemotherapy which would in turn increase her chances of mortality. To counteract this we planned to use a reduced intensity conditioning chemotherapy. Another challenge was increased chance of relapse post BMT, plan was made to counteract this by close monitoring and using targeted therapies post BMT.”

“At Sparsh hospital, Yeshwantpur we have got a world class, state of the art 5 bedded  BMT unit in the middle of city limits in Bangalore. Along with well-trained doctors we have created a whole milieu of nursing staff, clinical pharmacist, social services and BMT  coordinator to deliver the best. We at Sparsh are very well supported by an astute multidisciplinary super speciality services, full functional blood bank and ICU care including ICU care which are crucial for our patient care” says, Dr. Mahesh Rajeshekaraiah, Head Haematologist/ Haemato Oncologist.