Pulkit Arora, the Founder of Jux Pux started this innovative venture in March 2015 at the world’s 6th most expensive market. Jux Pux cuisine includes Shakes, Lemonade, flavoured tea, coffee, flavoured lassi, hot milk, ice cream and the icing on the top is their Smoothies. The company has two obstinate stars Simran Jeet Singh (a civil engineer by education) and Nipun Bhardwaj (a software professional) who are the Co-Founders of the company.

This café parlour supports and promotes startups not only by fund raising but giving them platform in the form of events.

The founding team assert that, they serve the best for they are different from the rest. Vendors can be spotted any where on streets but when it comes to hygiene and serving standards they hardly score anything which not only is unhealthy but inculcates a bad image about beverage industry. JuxPux’s preparation is done in a clean and sterilised ambience plus the essence they carry in their heart is that the freshness of the fruits is intact. Serving accustomed food is not their cup of tea what they believe is in serving outlandish flavors and extraordinary taste and giving discretion to their customer to transform the taste according to their taste buds and fondness.

jux pux

Uptill now, Jux Pux is operative in Outlets/Café Parlors at New Delhi, Agra and Hyderabad. Jux Pux is spreading across the country  and is widening the aura of beverage industry to a level that has never been seen before. Starting from company based expansion it is now heading towards franchise based expansion. Coming to a franchise based model is not a simple task. Unless you have proven your brand to be certainly an investment deal and a name that can be trusted upon. Jux Pux has reached this level in the shortest time possible.

Jux Pux being a startup in itself believes strongly in its roots and hence Jux Pux’s café parlour provides co-working spaces to startups. Jux Pux supports and promotes startups not only by fund raising but giving them platform in the form of events where they can justify their work.

Jux Pux knows and understands what all is faced during the process of becoming what you aim for. The society will condemn you for every step you take, you may not even get the desired family support. Jux Pux has gone at par from all these hurdles. So we assist and uphold and tend to encourage the new startup projects  and elevate the startup ecosystem. Jux Pux is among the admin authorities of startup communities.

Recently a major Success has been achieved by Jux Pux, oneof the world’s esteemed IT company has apprehended Jux Pux’s quality products and prized them with a space for a café lounge inside their campus. Jux Pux has also been featured in national newspapers, magazines and various startup portals.

These engineers cum entrepreneurs cum juice vala’s are making the country believe that it has some gems which will prove that nothing is unachievable, it is your will power and the strength to cross every problem that comes your way with utmost dedication.

“You need  a creative heart and not a brilliant mind to live your dream”.