28th May 2020: After years of noteworthy experience in mentoring startups, ideating investments and conceiving strategic marketing and branding strategies, Mahavir Pratap Sharma who is the present Chairman of TiE Global has opted to position himself with the board of Sinbex, a multifaced, unique platform for start-ups. With a long standing experience into the startup ecosystem, Sinbex has curated the model to deliver promising results into the Startup and Investment realms. SINBEX helps Startup businesses to re-engineer themselves into people independent corporates. The team brings to the table a blend of practical executive management experience with entrepreneurial acumen. 

Sinbex is essentially an endeavour to aid startups in heightening and expanding their Business. Being a prominent constituent of the startup ecosystem, it works as a worthy platform for entrepreneurs, corporates and investors. With a strong team of experienced professionals, assistance in marketing and sales domain, dedicated support regarding business strategy as well as provision of access to funding platforms, Sinbex has continued being a tower of strength for startups. It is a one of a kind enterprise that serves as an intermediary bridge between startups and corporates for a global business exchange. The absolute brilliance and experience that Sinbex brings in by providing exclusive services like: Global Market Access, Technology Transfer, Technology Development, Strategic Implementation and Planning, Business & Market Analysis makes it stand out from the crowd.

Sinbex catalyzes all three stakeholders – Entrepreneurs, Corporates and Investors to meaningfully engage and find synergies for mutual success by providing a framework where the finest ideas are curated, researched, validated, refined, productized for scale and partnered with Corporates. This is achieved through their global centers of excellence where the finest minds work seamlessly with Corporates, Investors & Entrepreneurs alike. It provides these breakthrough businesses through state of the art service infrastructures, technology development, Marketing & Business Strategy implementation, specialists to enable effective technology transfers, entry into global platforms for market access and an investor network that supports the journey to its logical end.

Serving as a guiding light for entrepreneurship is a team of extremely skilled and experienced professionals at Sinbex. With the inclusion of Mahavir Pratap Sharma in the advisory board, there has been an enhanced radiation of this guiding light. There is an evident synergy between the operations that Sinbex focuses on and the competencies, experiences and knowledge that Mahavir brings in through his fruitful career.

Commenting on having Mr Mahavir Pratap Sharma in the advisory board Vikash Sharma, Founder & CEO of Sinbex says “Having Mr Mahavir Pratap on board is prodigious on the business grounds for Sinbex. With his expertise in business and social organizations, and his passion in angel investing, leadership and mentoring, he brings in immense energy to the start-up entrepreneurial culture. We look forward to having him and on behalf of the team we welcome him to Sinbex.” 

The journey has been great for Sinbex where it keeps building potential associations like getting Mr. Robert Kiyosaki on board as an Advisor, signing a contract with Eastern Europe Government, and now including Mr. Mahavir Pratap in the team. The involvement of such credible people in the company shows the vision of Sinbex heading towards a great contributor into the start-up ecosystem.