New Delhi, Delhi, India | 1st May 2020: A young team of inventors, researchers and designers has launched an ‘Untouch Band’ for COVID-19 that raises an alarm when you try to touch your face.

According to various studies, a human touches his face almost 600 times a day; this touch is known to be the primary cause for multiple infections and diseases including COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in a world of social distancing, the most important distance you need to maintain is the one between your hands and your face. Public health officials have been consistently promoting washing-of-hands as a way for people to protect themselves from the coronavirus. However, this virus can live on metal and plastic for upto 8 hours, so simply washing hands may not be enough.

Realizing this need, a bunch of inventors, researchers and designers – Iftikar Khan, Ravi Kumar and Shrishail Pattar from New Delhi and Bangalore went on a mission to find a solution for people to not touch their face and contribute to the society. After few days of brainstorming and research they found that a wearable band is the best option and that led to the innovation of ‘Untouch Band’.

Untouch Band’ is a personal companion that helps you get rid of the unconscious habit of touching the face by training your mind with a mild vibration. It is dedicated to serving humanity by helping everyone get rid of habits that spread diseases around the world. Untouch Band is a complete healthcare band that also comes with a thermometer and takes note of your body temperature at all times.

Speaking on this launch, Iftikar Khan, Co-founder, Untouch Band,said, “The outbreak of COVID-19 has taught us that our health is our most important asset. We devised Untouch Band as a complete health band that will help everyone get rid of the habit of touching our faces. Once we are successful, we can get back to normal life faster.”

Commenting on the band discovery, Ravi Kumar, Co-founder, Untouch Band, said,“As doctors and government are doing their bit to stop COVID-19 spread, we as engineers ought to solve some problems around it either large/small.”

Speaking on the need for such band, another Co-founder of Untouch Band, Shrishail Pattar, said,“We saw our communities’ fear due to the outbreak, with deep concern and an urge to use an opportunity we started building the Untouch Band.”

Untouch Band’ is designed to help you become aware of the unwanted behaviours that are physical movements of the hands, are repetitive, and focused on the body. Some of these behaviours include hair pulling (trichotillomania), nail-biting (onychophagia), skin picking (excoriation disorder) and thumb sucking. This band generally works best with behaviours related to hand motions near the head, and face.

This band can be pre-booked from Untouch Band website: