Withdraw Interest-Free Cash Anytime With the SuperCard


Pune, Maharashtra, India | 18th January 2020: In terms of financial security, very few tools match the capabilities of a well-rounded credit card. Depending on the issuer you’ve opted for, your credit card is either the go-to option in your wallet or a card you barely transact on. The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is sure to fall under the former category, owing to its many features, especially the incredibly convenient and cost-effective interest-free ATM withdrawal feature. Here, you can use the SuperCard to withdraw cash from an ATM at a nominal 2.5% processing fee and pay no interest for up to 50 days.
To understand how to make the best of the facility, take a look at a few instances in which making interest-free cash withdrawals via the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is a smart choice.
Meet immediate cash needs with ease when travelling
When travelling for leisure or for work, it is fairly common for you to run into situations that demand immediate access to funds. You could find yourself stranded at the airport without any cash or you may require money to rebook a bounced hotel booking. Whatever the reason may be, as these are extra expenses that you haven’t accounted for, the SuperCard comes in handy. You can meet immediate cash needs without worrying by visiting a nearby ATM.
Get additional funding when faced with a medical emergency
Medical emergencies are known to bring along unexpected expenses such as hospitalisation charges or room costs and in some cases, even costs pertaining to medication and its procurement. Addressing these in a timely manner will require you to have access to quick funding. In such cases, the SuperCard can be extremely valuable as it gives you financing instantly, and the 50-day interest-free period eliminates any financial stress.
Handle time-sensitive wedding expenses with quick access to cash
Planning a wedding involves making several time-sensitive payments. This is especially true for celebrations that are set to take place during peak wedding season as all the best service providers are in high demand. So, in order to have the day of your dreams, you must have cash on hand to ensure that you don’t lose out on vendors, personnel and the venue you like. This is where the SuperCard comes into play as you can withdraw freely and immediately, without dipping into your savings.
Clear unexpected expenses when renovating your home
Home renovations often include unforeseen expenses like those associated with additional materials and extra labour. Addressing these as they crop up is key to ensuring timely completion and to do so you need funding you can count on. While most of the larger expenses will be accounted for, to plug gaps you can withdraw cash at an ATM using the SuperCard and tackle repayment conveniently over time.
As is amply evident, the SuperCard’s interest-free withdrawal feature provides you with much-needed financial support in a multitude of situations. Further, you can withdraw from ATMs across India without any restrictions whatsoever.
The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard also extends to you other value-added benefits. These include effortless EMI conversion for purchases over Rs. 3,000 and easy access to an emergency loan that’s interest-free for up to 90 days. Further, you earn points on all spends and on achieving milestones, which you can then use towards other expenses such as booking flight tickets and hotel rooms. To enjoy all that the SuperCard has to offer, don’t hesitate to apply for oneCheck your pre-approved offer today and enjoy instant-approval on your application too!