This aggregating platform helps users to find authentic data of coaching institutes in their cities

This aggregating platform helps users to find authentic data of coaching institutes in their cities

We are publishing the interview of Mr. Shubham Kain, Co-Founder & CEO, Eduwamp.

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Eduwamp provide all the authentic data of coaching institutes listed in the user’s city. All the data are taken by our field work team which checks its authenticity. the data display is kept very logical for the consumer to understand and help them to choose their coaching institute according their needs.for example at eduwamp , we only list the selection ratio instead of no. of selections of that particular region.

With the aim of helping student to get help in their respective choice of field , eduwamp is all about building a platform where every student benefits from healthy competition between these institutes. And as a result exclusive offers are provided to the eduwamp users.

This aggregating platform helps users to find authentic data of coaching institutes in their cities

Key points :

  • All the data is authentic on eduwamp , as every data is collected by our team personally.
  • The data is shown in a very simple yet effective & in a logical way.

Institutes are given freedom to market themselves by providing data to eduwamp which gets checked first like courses provided and their fees, free sample study materials, sample video lecture .

Institutes are given an admin profile to ensure maximum reach by constantly updating *some data of their coaching page like batch timings , time table, phone number & upload study materials.

*(Data whose authenticity won’t affect students decision).

Key points :

  • All the data are taken by our field team on the time of registering an institute.
  • They are given an admin panel to track their reach among audience , upload study materials.
  • They are given only limited access to update their data so that the authenticity of data is not affected in any way.

Students can also sort and filter out the list of desired coaching institutes on eduwamp and help themselves to compare and then choose according to their needs.

So far we have listed 140 coaching institutes of Indore, more than 350 different courses covering both mainstream and offstream.

Shweta Verma
Shweta Verma – COO & CO-FOUNDER

The website is kept simple with more focus on back end as of now for a more smoother experience. our aim is to list all the coaching institute in Indore while covering as much data as possible to help our user to choose coaching and providing a platform for a small coaching institute to display its key results & attract target audience.

Eduwamp’s next version (the beta version) will contain tutor section too as tutors are really important in this education system.

Eduwamp provides a student to coaching conversation platform and many more features like educational news section, blog etc.

Team Summary :
A young team comprising students all persuading B.E. in different branches from iet-davv, indore. Currently based in Indore.

Shubhi Bharal
Shubhi Bharal – CTO & CO-FOUNDER

Field Officers :
Deepak Mewada , Kajol Chaturvedi , Charchil Jain, Sharmishtha Dwivedi , Tanvi tyagi, Vipshyana Gautam,Jaydeep gupta , dashrath baraiya , Shashank Tripathi .

The team only aims in providing a great user experience to the targeted audience.

Customer Traction :
As we are in alpha stage right now , our website was deployed just 1 month before with sufficient data of 140 coaching institutes and around 350+ courses covering both main steam : IIT,AIPMT, CAT,GATE,CPT etc and off-stream ; vedic maths, air hostess etc.

And their offers exclusively available only on Around 200 organic registrations in first 10 days & with different events lined up in various schools and colleges starting from now. Alexa improvement of around 80 lakh in first 2 days & Indian rank @ 83000 within 10 days of launch of alpha version.

Shubham Kain
Shubham Kain – CEO & CO-FOUNDER

Some facts from *google analytics:
Users : 250
Sessions : 350
Pageviews : 2000
Bounce Rate : 10.00%
Pages / Session : 5
*all the data is for first 2 days and all the data being organic.

Positive reply from coaching institutes as they responded with great deal of offers exclusively for eduwamp and many of registered user availing on eduwamp and contacting institutes.

How are you different :
For a world where digital marketing is the key for any successful campaign , this field hasn’t used it . not even  5% of it & with eduwamp being the only platform where we are working to bring a change in this market.There are listing websites which lists names & phone numbers but that is & never will be enough for both the student and the institutes and eduwamp aims to the create a unique platform where a student will be able to search according to its needs and find a perfect institute. Even if eduwamp is in alpha stage, it is the only working platform where we are providing a huge amount of authentic data in a very systematic way to the user taken by in person.

Ishant Vithalkar – CTO & CO-FOUNDER

Currently working on filters , this feature will enable students to sort out the institutes according to their needs.

In addition to listing and data , a service which really be a turning point in this sector for both students and institutes will be a one-on-one conversation between student and institute. And eduwamp is all set to be this platform. With email service between coaching institutes & students now available, eduwamp is targeting a messaging & helpline service for students.

Eduwamp’s vision is to create a national brand and platform on which every student can rely on. Students usually go to other cities for their studies and end up selecting institute without even gathering all the related info about the coaching. They don’t even get the chance to know all their options. Eduwamp wants to be partner of every student from the very first step he/she takes in this coaching/ tuition sector.

Proper education will always be an important step for the youth of this country. With so much economic diversification of Indian population, eduwamp wants to create right opportunity for all , whether be young ,poor or rich , through its platform.