SRM Startup Expo 2016 will be the perfect rostrum for startups and competitive market ideas to make a move and present their ideas in front of some really potential angel investors and co-founders of reputed companies. On getting selected, startups have to give a detailed presentation with all kinds of necessary models on the same day and Investors can invest in any of the potential successful startup to undertake the market.

1. You will get a chance to pitch your idea within 6-10 mins presentation to investors and co-founders.
2. The presentation should clearly describe your idea and should be mailed at by 1st October.
3. You can be free with the thought of theft of your idea as it is a professional startup expo.
4. You should also bring a detailed presentation with all necessary models for the case if you get selected for the second round.
5. Also, you will get a chance to interact or ask questions from the angels and co-founders invited.

Who should attend:
Anyone with a startup idea or a running startup seeking funding, without any age limit.

A pitching presentation and one detailed presentation of the startup or idea.

Registration link :

Location :
SRM Unoversity Potheri, Kattankulathur, Kancheepuram District, Near Potheri Railway Station, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603203

SRM Startup Expo 2016 - An Opportunity for Pitching Your Idea to Angel Investors