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Startup Success Stories of Indian Entrepreneurs

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This Indore Based Startup Supports Orphans to Improve Their Financial Stability and Lifestyle & Increases the Employment Ratio of the Kulhad Artisans

Chai Sutta Bar, is a startup by three amazing friends Anand Nayak, Rahul Gothi and Anubhav Dubey. So, it started around one and a half year ago with a very low capital budget. They started setting up their first outlet in Bhanwar Kuan, Indore then from their outlets have started growing, to be more precised each new outlet of CSB started to establish every 3 months. First one In Bhawar Kuan, Indore, second in Geeta Bhawan, Indore, Third in Vijay Nagar,...

How This Startup Came Up With the Idea of JEE-Daily Magazine – A Startup Story

JEE-Daily is an online magazine published by InnovED Global Private Limited, a Kolkata based start-up established 1.5 years ago. It aims at guiding students achieve 100% success in competitive examinations across the country. Competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, WB JEE, etc are getting difficult and complex with every passing year. Earlier, when there was fewer impact of technology in the country, preparing for these competitive examinations was quite difficult. Having a clear knowledge about the question paper format and the kind...

Baraati Inc. – This New Delhi Based Startup Venture is Reinventing Traditions

Baraati Inc. is a venture that came into existence on 8th January 2015. It is the brain child of Alaap Dayal, Shweta Acharya, Shikha Chauhan and Swati Sharma. Alaap Dayal - The Strategist, Super Powers: Voice Overs and the Planner. Shweta Acharya - The Creative Soul, Super Powers: Visualising and Choreography. Shikha Chauhan - The Business Developer, Super Power: Negotiating, Making new friends & Choreography. Swati Sharma - The Clients Best Friend, Super Power: Attention to Detail & Choreography. The...

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