“Transforming the complex to the simple is pure Genius”.

Creator's Legal Lingo to Organise a Seminar for Simplifying Legal and Business-related Matters

Starting Up a business is not constrained to simply putting an idea onto a site. As an owner of the business, the danger of crippling litigation should also be at the top of the priorities. Legal headaches, especially in India can take you by surprise and severely hurt your business’ bottom line.

Lawrence – Law Forum of SSCBS in association with SIIF (SSCBS Innovation and Incubation Foundation) invites you to a session aimed to solve these in the easiest way by interacting with experts of this domain.

Creator’s legal lingo is a seminar to simplify legal and business-related matters. The seminar will be presided by the Start-up India team (Govt. of India). They would throw some light on the Start-up and Incubator Recognition Rules, the support that Start-Up India and other government schemes are providing to Start-Ups and how the Start-ups can benefit from them.

Moreover, the speakers from law firms catering to start-ups will be committed to helping startups and small business owners in solving legal compliances related to starting and running their business.

Register at: www.pehal2017.com/thecreatorlingo.php