Mr. Vickram Singh – Founder, RV Enterprises

RV ENTERPRISES was formed in 2016 by Mr. Vickram Singh founder and Mr. Ramesh Rao – a co-founder who came together to understand the needs of B2B international industry in global market and to connect B2B international industry with Indian small medium enterprises suppliers in virtual market in India to the world through provision of an online platform at affordable price with essence of superior quality of Granite.

Mr. Vickram Singh is an MBA Finance Graduate from Christ University Bangalore. His experience curve includes his tenure which he spent in various industries (Multinational Corporates). Vickram Singh Association in different sectors also provided him with experience, confidence and fueled his idea of forming his own company. Currently he is arduously involved in day to day activities of the company across different functions (finance, sales, marketing, and business development). In addition Vickram Singh has played a key role in meeting investors and liaising with Buyers across the Globe, also Vickram Singh has been associated with various startups businesses during his career and have helped them to organize and structure their business plans and lastly but not the least he has played  a key  part of the startup industry for the last 8-9 years, which he has helped it  to learn and  to understand many aspects of this industry and  he has come up with solutions which has helped to  resolve issues with clients and also to resolve market problems.

 The Co-founder Mr. Ramesh is an MBA Marketing Graduate from Jaipur, who has rich experience in banking domain and his association with top banks, he   have honed his skills to head partial marketing and purchases in R V Enterprisess. Through Mr. Ramesh leadership qualities he has earned a prominent name which has reconed in this industry, contemporaries’ customers and suppliers across India. In addition Ramesh is also actively teaching and bringing in the  SME factory to get connected with company’s platform through explaining to  them the benefits of the what they can get if they come on board and how that can help their business grow.  Ramesh also is one of the main team member in understanding the problem faced by both ends buyers & sellers and then  he makes sure the same is communicated to the suppliers who are on board and through this buyers and sellers have  understood the importance of the quality, service and trust which has helped the company’s in turn making sure that it can be ahead of the others  and last but not the  least Ramesh has been a strong pillar as co-founder and  he has been assuring  quality ,trust, service of the company in the international market.

Through the founders observation in a small town from Rajasthan, they  basically came across the experience that there was many households who created beautiful art and handicraft who worked hard at the ground level and  at the end their  payments were  being enjoyed by big time traders or middle men.  The founders exposure brought a thought into their mind as this was a very big issue in day to day life as well and they instigated the idea of this start up as they wanted to take the approach step by step to have a realistic analysis, hence they choose to start up a company with single product model which they were guaranteed and were sure that it will work very well and this gave them confidence that they were a step closer towards provision of the solution to this problem, as a result the founders  came up with a solution through creation of an  understanding need of B2B industry in global market and  to connect them to an  Indian Small medium enterprises suppliers by creating an online platform as a virtual market at affordable price, building trust, giving them assurance, providing them best services and yet not losing essence of superior quality.

Mr. Ramesh Rao – Cofounder, RV Enterprises

During the startup, the company was working according to the requirements of its International Clients and offered supports to its suppliers back at their home who had lacked proper channel and at the same time promoting products which are made in India.  

The founders’ key objective was to create trust, quality, pricing, services, consistency, quantity, language barriers and many such similar issues faced by B2B international buyers in the Indian market. Their solution  was to eliminate off the traders and the middle men who charged very high margin to international buyers,  to eliminate of the poor quality or  Fraud by not delivering the products  on receipt with the complete amount due to the minimal visibility that the buyers had about the manufacturers, small and  medium enterprisess or even small factory and household artisan, in addition  to channelize and  to Provide an opportunity to get the right value of the products to the direct manufacturers, small and  medium enterprisess ,household or similar sector industries of products like, Granites, Handicrafts, spices, grains, and other similar products, opportunity of growth for the local industry by channelizing the process because of their clients.

RV ENTERPRISES growth  started with  very less funds to run its day to day expenses and supply orders to the company clients, founders  received an advance after 5 month with no turning back and due to this they  had to make sure that they supply their  first order was on time with the best quality. After that they met common friends and all kinds of contacts taking this idea and explaining to them, but as everyone knew that an international market it was risky but there was a dim light somewhere here or there they needed to just keep trying and that what happened and they found an angel for initial help, they are called angels for a reason and he helped them with the investment and they were able to take it forward from there till today. By then RV ENTERPRISES was increasing its size of the global trade AND its PRESENCE and with that more SMEs/MSME were targeting for more global opportunities. They SMEs/MSME just needed to make themselves globally aware, globally visible and globally competitive, and make sure they have all end-end solution for client, for RV ENTERPRISES to be successful the main things they learnt is not that getting clients on board it was important but how to retain them, and to continue working with them via their platform through connecting them to the local suppliers.

RV ENTERPRISES took the open & unlimited market available for multi-product category and they had long strong upcoming future and they had planned 3 phases business plan for their growth with their registered clients and suppliers all over and adding more category of products, they wish to be the next may be UNICORN for this B2B international market who will provide all kinds of solutions for the clients & suppliers on their virtual platform and automated system of end-end solution. Which could make ease of business by providing the safety and quality and variety at the same time. In last financial year the company had recorded a growth of 274% CAGR.

The success journey started five months later after RV Enterprises was formed in October 2016 when the founders started looking for clients to serve and their key target was to serve international clients when they got their first order in almost 5 months (all these days talking, Chatting with many people and at last we got our 1st Client on board) .Their first company’s client was from Egypt, who believed in their company and their good services. The service satisfaction that was experienced by this first client helped them in building RV Enterprises goodwill in countries like Egypt & Vietnam. After that their company was able to spend zero on social advertisement till today, and it became known with organic advertisement and referrals because of satisfaction of served clients. In last financial year the company had recorded a growth of 274% CAGR.

  The founders company biggest first challenge that they encountered of course was lack of clients during the first 5 months and also the founders  assumption when they were starting the company  which was that the B2B global market and small medium enterprises at our end was desperately in need of solution which could help both and connect suppliers with Multi-products and at the same time focusing on single products, by building a brand, trust and assurance for International buyers and that when we came with this portal. An international buyer who is affected by paying the amount but still didn’t get worth it or even who has language barriers or someone who needs multiple products but doesn’t have the trust for quality, services.  Since then the company have been able to sign up deal with few our clients in Egypt & Vietnam for monthly orders, long terms orders and also we have regular individuals’ clients who are ordering with us on monthly basis.

RV enterprises competition started in their early days but due to the services that RV was offering, there was no competitor in global trade domain except 1 or 2 international domains, which were working in this domain from few years, but it was also more like the marketplace that provided  information or directory for collecting details, one could get leads from other places but not the orders and  listing on their platform which was starting and arranging and executing  orders for them which they could not get from initial days  locally more of the website or such plant rooms were working just as international information providing details who charge registration charges for the same and also , but we are simple and easy to do business with them and  currently they say that  competitors can go and join them with their future plans.

RV enterprises future plans for the coming six months is that they have already planned the business growth strategy and have target of Phase 1 where they will be adding more countries, more clients, more products and more local suppliers with variation of revenue models to ease the IRR. They also will be concentrating on their most reliable ways of advertisement that would be organic, which will help them build their brand on trust, quality, assurance, services and best competitive prices.

Currently their company have been able to successfully register more than 100-150 suppliers to supply to the international market and also they have been able to continue to board with suppliers regularly all over India in all sectors of industries and in multi-product. In addition in their company they have tried to resolve the company’s issues and have been able to achieve dependable goodwill in other countries where they have made clients happy and have promoted satisfaction of the client base in countries like Egypt, Vietnam, Lebanon, Indonesia and Iraq it through them the company has initially started with these countries and have builted client base of almost 50-60 clients in our country and other countries all over the world.