All-important occasions of a woman’s life involve jewelry, be it her wedding, engagement, attending a social event or family function. Women’s love for jewelry is no secret to all.

In India Gold is bought more as an investment than a wearable ornament and stored in safes and lockers. Women plan and save for months and sometimes even for years to buy jewelry but hardly wear it. Women often get to wear the traditional and heavy jewelry pieces on big social events and family functions.

Whereas in western countries, the jewelry becomes an extension to a women’s wardrobe in her daily life .Being affordable women do not have to wait for some special day to buy it and men do not have to think of an occasion to buy a piece of jewelry for the lady.

Shelly Luthra – Founder, Ornate Jewels

With a thought to narrow down the difference between two different jewelry markets and make the jewelry affordable to Indians, Shelly launched in India in 2017. The main focus of the newly launched online store is to provide Pure silver jewelry to Indian woman that is affordable, trendy and elegant at the same time. To the Indian women Shelly aims to provide the luxury of buying jewelry as and when they want to, so they are able to match it these with their outfits without having to worry about the budget.

Silver, being durable classy and precious, is the most affordable precious metal of all. Silver jewelry has the looks and fits the budget perfectly. Ornate’s jewels are a vision come true of making finest and affordable jewelry that will last for years to come. Each piece manufactured by ornate is a piece of art and goes through strict quality manufacturing standards.

How came into existence?
After moving to the USA to follow her American dream, Shelly struggled to settle for a job. After a few switches, she joined a jewelry manufacturing company. While working she gained knowledge of precious stones and metals in the company. Her ability to create unique designs, differentiating ordinary form appealing, got her recognized in the management. She acquired the knowledge of complete know-how of the business while working for the company. In her journey she met and worked with many women from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. She learned that every woman wanted to own a variety of jewelry but at an affordable price without compromising with the quality.

After working in America for few years she moved to Hong Kong and started her own product line in 2014 supplying to the international markets with only $1000 to start with and in a shared space.

Her aim here was to provide quality and classy jewelry products without making much impact on the customers’ pockets. She created a product line that had a high finish and was not a cheap replica that gave the real jewelry, a run for its money.

With ideas in her mind clubbed with experience from around the world, she came back to her country, where she launched pure silver jewelry brand Ornate Jewels The beginning of this startup faced many roadblocks. Shelly faced huge challenges in budgeting, designing, manufacturing, travel logistics, procurement while managing home with a girl child around. Shelly knew what she wanted and how she can achieve it. Boosted by her belief in the product and strong determination, she didn’t give up on her dream and she kept working her way out.

Every new day had a new challenge for the founder. She kept facing many hurdles in the launch of her sterling silver jewelry website. Even after changing a number of IT companies and loosing a lot of money in the process she met with numerous challenges. She lost a lot of money and time in the website development process.

But she didn’t give up and slowly and steadily kept inching towards her dream and finally succeeded in launching unique silver jewelry online store Being the manufacturer, she delivers high-end silver jewelry at low price across the country barring the middleman so her customer benefits from the lowest prices always

Ornate Jewels Logo

The mission of the company is to be a recognized brand in the Indian household that provides affordable and wearable luxurious jewelry for all. The name should be recognized as superb quality jewelry provider at lowest prices.

The company got its first customer through the popular social media website Facebook when a guy commented on a post of the solitaire necklace. He came looking for a budgeted gift for her girlfriend. He wanted to add a gift message along with the gift. The sale made both the parties happy, as, the guy got more than what he expected and the company got its first ever sale. From that time, the company has never looked back.

By June 2018, the company gained the confidence of over 1000 customers and was able to make this count cross the mark of 3000 by the end of the year. The number of sales doubled from 1000000 in June 2018 to 20 lakhs by year end. The company aims to double these sales figures by the end of the year and is planning to launch a separate product line for Men’s jewelry.

Ornate Jewels Core Team

Timely delivery and logistics have been a major issue in the e-commerce business, even after partnering with a big delivery company. The delivery partners are not able to deliver quality services. is constantly working in order to figure out an effective solution to this issue.

To cope up with another delivery issue in orders with cash on delivery options, the company came up with an innovative and reliable solution. It has started to send product video to customers depicting the quality of the product before shipping. So that, customers can know what they should expect when the product is delivered to them.

The company is the direct manufacturer of the jewelry and it does not buy products from the market. This gives it an opportunity to bring the best products at very affordable prices directly for the retail customers, avoiding any middleman. The affordable, trendy, light weighted and wearable jewelry range of the company can be used for daily wear and is not limited to occasions.

The finest jewelry from Ornate Jewels provides an affordable and classy alternative to the costly high-end real diamond jewelry.

With an average sale price of Rs. 1500, the company offers a wide range of products priced below Rs. 3000. The company provides guarantee over the purity of silver used and also uses the best quality stones in their jewelry. The website of the company contains over 1000 products with every piece designed keeping wearer’s comfort and lifestyle in mind. The company is determined to provide a wide range of jewelry that just accessorizes you to the right amount.

More details about the startup:
Name of Startup:
Ornate Jewels
Founder: Ms. Shelly luthra
The launch of Website: June 2017
Investors (If any): No

Ornate Jewels Team

• The founder gained Experience and knowledge from the jewelry markets of USA, London, China, and Hong Kong.
• Offers affordable jewelry
• Direct Manufacturers
• Highly skilled and passionate Team
• A wide range of products that fulfill the need and desires of trendy Indian women
• Free Shipping
• Great After Sales Service

• Huge potential in the Indian Market
• Lesser competition in the online Market

• To double the sales in the year 2019
• To launch Men’s Jewelry product line
• To become a renowned Jewelry brand in the country