Sometimes, life takes unexpected turns to show us what we could do better, and even the path of how this could be done. Kavi Shankar is 31 years of age, well qualified with an MBA degree, and belongs to a family of four dependents and two earning members. With the introduction of GST, Kavi felt the need to make use of the opportunity to upgrade his skills, and fine-tune them to the existing demand, especially since this is a specialized field, with many people finding the adjustment to the tax a bit challenging. Not wasting any time, he enrolled himself for the concerned course at the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra in Okhla. “In the early days, I started working on very basic level GST in my on-going job, so that I could practice further what I learned during the course. Post the course, I earned enough confidence to take the decision of embarking on a journey as a freelance tax consultant. Had I not had the concerned skills, this would not have been possible. This is just the beginning, as I know there is a lot more that can be done, and achieved in this field,” says Kavi.

Learning a Skill Paves the Way for Entrepreneurship

So, what made him take the decision to venture out on his own? “I decided to start out on my own, as a freelance consultant, because it gives me a certain amount of freedom to take my decisions independently, and an opportunity to learn so much more. The confidence, which knowledge provides is significant, but this, combined with a honed skill, enhances the feeling of competence, manifold,” says the young entrepreneur. Having started as a freelancer can open many more doors for Kavi with the passage of time, and this is something he knows too. However, starting out on one’s own is not easy; it is a path marked with challenges, but what is required is the courage to undertake the journey, the required skill sets, and the belief in oneself that one can. So, what are the challenges that Kavi faced during his journey as a freelancer? “In life, all of us face challenges, especially when we try to do something different. As I am not a professional accountant, the first challenge that I faced is procuring clients, and convincing them of my abilities. I registered myself as a GST Practitioner just after completing my course, but it took almost 10 months to get the final acceptance. Now with God’s grace and the support from family, I am a registered GST practitioner and it has helped me gain a lot of confidence, thanks also to the trust my clients have in me.”

Currently, Kavi receives work linked to new registrations, uploading of data and filling returns. He is busy learning new things every day, and applying the knowledge he has acquired. For the future, he plans to build on his knowledge and experience, and explore new opportunities within the field. Here is wishing him all the best for hsi career!