Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | 25th April 2020: Founded in year 2009, Aahwahan Foundation, a Non-Government Organization (NGO) aiming to bring equality in the society through its various measures focused on eradicating poverty, unemployment, women inequality and promoting girl’s education. The NGO primarily focuses its efforts on bringing growth and progress of rural India while uplifting all the sections of the region.

Ever since it was founded, the NGO has touched various lives through its developmental work. It has been working in the remotest and the most economically backward regions of the country to promote the welfare and progress of these regions and has undertaken various initiatives to create to improve the socio-economic well-being of the people. Till now, the foundation has helped over one lakh families by providing them food.

The man behind the Foundation’s successful journey

Braja Kishore Pradhan, the founder and the man behind the success of Aahwahan Foundation proudly holds the title of being one of the most renowned philanthropists. All his development work is inspired by his father’s deeds that always encouraged him to give back to society and walk on the path of righteousness. The foundation idea of Aahwahan was reinforced a long ago during his childhood when he started saving up to help the needy.

He launched various programs that advocate the protection of human rights, rural education & healthcare, restoration of human dignity, empowerment of women, revenue generation through integrated farming, expansion of opportunities for personnel in rural areas and their participation in socio-economic development.

The foundation received accolades from Dr. K. Sivan, Director of ISRO for the developmental work that it has undertaken over the years recently acknowledged the NGO.

Environment protection in priority list

The foundation’s commitments are not just to benefit the people from its initiatives but also play an equally important role in protecting and preserving nature. To mark a decade of its foundation, the NGO launched the Go Green Campaign under which it planted 1.5 million trees.

Another inspiring initiative taken by the foundation was ‘Organic Village’ under which Aahwahan adopted a village and made it a point to help it grow and develop in an organic way.

Developmental schemes for Education

Another area where the team has been dedicatedly working is promoting growth and welfare through education. Being on the top of its priority list, the NGO has been engaging in various works to create Education awareness among different sets of the society. The team’s latest project, Computer Institute on Wheels was a major success. The objective of the initiative is to give access to rural students, especially female students.

‘Aahwahan Patrika’ program for children

One-of-its-kind initiatives, called ‘Aahwahan Patrika’ which is focused on helping a child grow to the best of its potential. This includes giving them a platform to realize their talent in whichever field it lies, be it art, music, painting, dancing, sports, or drama.

Taking care underprivileged sections of the society

Aahwahan Foundation has been sincerely and dedicatedly working to improve the health and the well-being of the underprivileged sections of the society. Considering that it has launched various medical initiatives to provide medical support to the poor.

Dedication towards women empowerment

Another deeply rooted ideology of Aahwahan follows the path of women’s empowerment and its significance for society as a whole. It has taken various progressive and exceptional measures to bring women equality and promote the balanced growth of the society. For that Aahwahan organizes these counseling sessions and seminars which are purely designed to promote women empowerment.

Promoting growth of Agricultural sector

Aahwahan Foundation has made the growth and development of the Nation synonymous with the growth and development of the agriculture sector. A major focus of the NGO is to bring progress and advancement in the agricultural sector to help the farmers get over their plight. The NGO takes special efforts to train and educate our farmers on modern techniques of farming.

NGO’s efforts towards community development

Aahwahan Foundation is also consciously taking steps to meet the seasonal requirements of the needy people. Hence, its remarkable winter soldier drive in which the NGO provides blankets and warm clothes to the needy people out there on the streets. Since its inception, the foundation has made it a point to protect every needy person from the harsh and bitter cold. Every year, they come up with their blanket donation campaign in various parts of the country.

During COVID-19 Times

Braja Kishore Pradhan and his team during a visit to a slum in Bengaluru, Noida & Delhi observed that people were not aware of the COVID-19. Our team also found out that those living in the slums were not using masks or hand sanitizers. Realizing the vulnerability of this marginalized section to the disease, Braja Kishore Pradhan from Bengaluru & Nitesh Kumar From Delhi NCR team quickly mobilized resources.