Delhi | 18th December 2019: OneOneDay, a Hong Kong-based ad-tech startup has recently unveiled its Chrome Extension for its Oodies advertising platform. The new product helps its users to take better control of the browsing experience. Users can also earn some sweet cash rewards while donating a part of it to social causes by enabling ad-viewing feature.

Oodies browser extension becomes a feasible option to make your browsing life simpler and sweeter — fudging the intrusive ads and rewarding you for your attention. Extension are tailor-made programs that improve browsing experience on chrome.

Speaking about the same, Mr. Rick Tsing, Founder & CEO, stated, “We live in a world of ads, where our attention is constantly intruded. Attention should be considered precious, something we need to learn to respect”.

The new revelation comes with a progressive ad-filtering function. The ad-viewing experience is integrated in your daily browsing activity, which means you can see ads without opening the Oodies app.  Oodies browser extension becomes a feasible option to viewers’ browsing life making it simpler and sweeter — fudging the intrusive ads and rewarding you for your attention.

Oodies advocates for Universal Basic Attention Income — everyone should be ‘rewarded’ for their attention spent on ads. Why be bombarded with irrelevant ads? With Oodies, you can choose the ads you want to watch and when you want to. In return, you get rewarded with cash, points for redemption and contributing to social causes. With the new chrome extension, this will become more viable for users.

On Oodies, everything delivered and shared is permission based. Launched with limited ads first, Oodies welcomes everyone to join and help start the attention revolution. While the earnings might not seem like much, they symbolize something huge: that our attention is a currency worth spending, and rewarding.

Earlier in July this year, Oodies was launched in India. This app is available for Android users nation-wide. For advertisers, Oodies delivers an operative anti-advertising waste solution by matching the target audience, powered by blockchain and psychometrics.