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Who Says a Bootstrapped Startup Can’t Succeed? This Startup Scaled Up to Become India’s Largest Customized Furniture Portal

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Amit Verma
Amit Verma
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Ever wondered whether your imagination can be sculpted into a physical object? When it comes to objects of vanity, we take great pride in making sure that what we own is unique and represents our own self. But it’s not that easy to procure a unique item for an affordable price, especially when it comes to furniture. What we see in most stores is a mundane variety. But a change has come now, in the guise of an online portal –

Wooden Street is an oasis that not just produces the eye-catching furniture, but also provides the customer an opportunity to run their imagination and ideas and see it materialize in front of their eyes. With incredible craftsmanship, ready to run their magic on your ideas, Wooden Street guarantees that unique product which speaks about your style. You imagine, we create.

Sowing the Seed
Furniture market in India is on a progressive stage, facing the challenges of dramatic shifts in people’s lifestyles, and with a rise in income, people crave for something unique that defines their persona and livens their homes, which also sets them apart from the commonplace.

Keeping this in mind, the seed of Wooden Street was sown by co-founders Mr. Lokendra Ranawat, Mr. Dinesh Pratap Singh, Mr. Virendra Ranawat, and Mr. Vikas Baheti, starting in the year of 2015. Back then, it was a mere sapling, with just ten members on the team and a functional website. But sky was the limit.

Mr. Lokendra Ranawat, Mr. Dinesh Pratap Singh, Mr. Virendra Ranawat, and Mr. Vikas Baheti
Photo: (From Left to Right) Mr. Lokendra Ranawat, Mr. Dinesh Pratap Singh, Mr. Virendra Ranawat, and Mr. Vikas Baheti.

From a Sapling to an ever-growing Tree
Initiated with a team of ten members, Wooden Street began, in a climate of emerging startups, taking baby steps towards progress. However, in an environment where startups raced to get to the top, it remained patient, slowly pegging the tent of its sustained growth. And soon, the ones with huge backing and expenditure, had started to topple on their own decisions. With a dramatically high burn rate on promotions, and profits that wouldn’t compensate for it, the imminent demise of these startups was at hand.

In this challenging environment, Wooden Street survived on, with careful expenses and perseverance, emerging as a valuable player with great success. Within a span of two years, Wooden Street had gained 125 members, and acquired an elevated yearly revenue of INR 25 crores. With diligence, the company was able to achieve break-even this year, hitting a traffic of 2 lakh users per month, with a monthly growth rate of 20%, standing tall and profitable on its own.

The Journey of Wooden Street
The Journey of Wooden Street

The Vines of Trust
Most furniture providers grow tall and reach such a height that you cannot even access their branches. What’s more? You need some middlemen to get to the top and obtain what you want. Wooden Street isn’t like that. We don’t enjoy middlemen, so we sprouted our own vines, helping you in climbing up and getting in touch directly with the team. We lend you our ears and listen intently to your ideas, and then you have to sit back and enjoy the show, as your dream furniture will materialize right in front of your eyes.

Using various means, the customers can contact the team and share the ideas for their dream furniture, and deciding on wood type, upholstery fabric and polish colours. These views are noted down and the team prepares a sketch and a 3D model, which is shared with the customer. Once we get a thumbs up, the plan moves forward and the processes of manufacturing, assembling and quality checks begin, culminating with the packaging of the furniture in a safe and secure fashion.

We revel in customer satisfaction, and have proven our worth, earning achievements across the nation.

Craftsmen at work, shaping the ideas of the customers
Craftsmen at work, shaping the ideas of the customers

Pick your Fruits
While the customer can go creative and get what they want, we also offer a wide variety of furniture products. Cabinets, sofa sets, dining tables, beds and what not?

We cover every category and provide excellent products at affordable prices. The customer can place their order immediately and be satisfied that they will get their product delivered for free right to their doorstep without any hassle and inconvenience on their part. And when it comes to payment, the customer can choose from online transactions and an EMI system while enjoying free installation and easy returns.

Setting New Roots
With a presence in Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai and ten more cities, and coming out with offline stores as well, there is no stopping Wooden Street in expanding and creating its own canopy, staying way ahead of others in the market. With a great network of logistics across the country, Wooden Street branches over the nation and will keep on expanding this web of success.

Standing Tall
Wooden Street has preserved and emerged as a strong contender in this market, delivering custom-built and pre-built high quality products. Understanding the shift in trends, along with an efficient workforce, innovative designers and a healthy coordination with the customer have been the driving forces of its success.

Awards and Recognitions achieved by Wooden Street
Awards and Recognitions achieved by Wooden Street

The growth of this stalk into a full-fledged tree has been remarkable, but this is not the end. As the trends keep on shifting and the demand for highly customizable furniture keeps in, Wooden Street will keep on delivering the best. Merging the innovation of designers and the remarkable work of the artisans, while keeping the customer at the heart, this tree is a force to be reckoned with.

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