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This Data Analytics Startup Develops an Interactive Solution That Empowers the Business Users With an Ability to Interact With Data in Most Engaging Way on Mobile

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Amit Verma
Amit Verma
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We are publishing an interview of  Nikhil Gundale, Founder and CEO of WonderBi – A data analytics startup develops an interactive solution that empowers the business users with an ability to interact with data in most engaging way.

About the founders:

Nikhil Gundale, Founder and CEO of WonderBi
Nikhil Gundale, Founder and CEO of WonderBi

Nikhil SG, is an MBA by education and entrepreneur at heart, has successfully managed responsibilities at various levels of corporate value chain. Nikhil has more than 15 years of experience in technology domain and in his last stint, he was Vice President – Systems and Technology at Lowe Lintas one of the largest media houses in the world. Nikhil has been felicitated with many awards like Future Strategist by UBM and CIOs Once To Watch by IDG for his contribution in the field of innovative technology solutions for business. While working on many international assignments related to BI implementation Nikhil realized that business users are not happy with the current solutions and they should be equipped with much innovative and intuitive data analytics solution on the mobile devices which users will love using like they love to play angry birds. And with his philosophy and real problem understanding WonderBi was started. WonderBi is designed to deliver insights and help users to take smart decisions in the moment, wherever they are!

What is the problem you are trying to solve? 
Every business today should rely on the data that it is generating for better decision making to support customer satisfaction and business growth. From the corner office to the shop floor, across the company, executives are taking decisions that determine the course of business and these decisions can really make a huge difference on how the company grows. Unfortunately business users are not supported with right solution for data driven decision making and end up relying only on excel spreadsheets, paper based reports or any desktop/laptop based reporting solution for any kind of data analysis. Even if the companies having huge IT budgets and have invested in BI (Business Intelligence) solution, it turns out to be so complex to use, the business users loose interest and get disengaged resulting in sunk costs.

Wonderbi logoWonderBi is a Mobile First, interactive data analytics solution that empowers the business users with an ability to interact with data in most engaging way. WonderBi is designed to deliver business insights that can help the business users to take smart decisions “in the moment”, wherever they are.

WonderBi can be used by any size of business from startups to the large enterprises. WonderBi can take inputs from Excel spreadsheets as well and can help enhance ROI of existing BI solution or any other reporting solution implemented within the organization by adding an intuitive and engaging mobility layer at a fraction of the cost of any other BI systems. WonderBi is designed in a most human way that doesn’t need any great skills to use as well as for implementation. WonderBi also has a great ecosystem for handholding the users if they need any help.

Typically businesses can leverage the power of WonderBi for sales, production, inventory, logistics, finance and HR related analytics needs.

With WonderBi, business users get engaged with data, voluntarily! Business users start enjoying data analytics on mobile devices as they would enjoy playing angry birds, resulting in better decision making, productivity enhancement and eventually Business Growth.

This Data Analytics Startup Develops an Interactive Solution That Empowers the Business Users With an Ability to Interact With Data in Most Engaging Way

What is the uniqueness about your Startup? 
There are hundreds of BI products available in the market but they all focus solving data engineering problem and never care of users ability to interact with the data. There are BI companies who have also added mobility layer but they have SHRINK FIT everything that they have on desktop into small screen of mobile device which disengages users. And for SMBs these solutions are not even accessible due to its total cost of ownership (TCO)

WonderBi is designed with Mobile First design approach and keeping user experience for data analytics as a central idea. WonderBi follows a philosophy of In-The-Moment decision making while business users are in meeting, on the road or while in the plane without internet connectivity. Users can still engage with data and interact in most intuitive and engaging way and derive valuable business insights, anytime, anywhere.

WonderBi licensing policy is so easy that any size of business can adopt it as an integral part of the business process.

WonderBi doesn’t demand any technology expertise or high end analytics expertise, if user has data on excel spreadsheet, it can be transformed in unique interactive and engaging visualizations in few moments.

What is the revenue model? Explain your thought process. 
WonderBi has two parts of its solution, a web based report authoring and publishing platform that can be accessed on laptop or desktop and an extremely intuitive and engaging data analytics app that users can download on their mobile devices from app store.

Initially any business can use the entire solution for free for 14 days and then can subscribe to named user licenses as their need be. Currently we are offering one user annual subscription just for US$100 for first year.

If any business want to use excel data as an input using web report authoring and publishing platform there is no extra cost. But if there is a need for implementation where we can pull data from existing ERP/CRM/Accounting applications, BI solutions or any SaaS solutions, there will be one time implementation fees charged.

Who are the consumers that you are targeting? How is this going to affect them? 
There are two types of businesses that we are working with. On one side there are SMBs who have no sophisticated solutions available for data capturing or analytics who can use WonderBi for decision making and on the other side there are enterprises who has existing applications and even BI solutions, we can help leverage the ROI by way to creating a layer on top of these solutions to give analytics on mobile devices.

This help any type of business to give access to cutting edge data analytics solution from CXOs to the shop-floor to the on the field executives. This helps businesses to improve productivity, make smart decisions and ultimately achieve business growth.

What is the big picture of your startup?  
By the nature of WonderBi as a solutions, there are no restrictions to the sectors or geographies. We see in coming years WonderBi will be extending its offering across the glob and will become most preferred mobile data analytics solution. We are also looking for expanding our partner network in different geographies with a mission to grow collectively.

Any other information about your startup that you would like to share with us. 
WonderBi has been making a big impact and recently has been recognized as “20 Most Promising Data Aalytics Solutions” by CIOReview USA. Likewise we are also recognized as most impact-full startups at many startup events. You can reach to WonderBi on or visit

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