Dec 26, 2019: New Delhi, India – Home Jiny, the e-commerce products and service aggregator has made its debut in Delhi-NCR with an aim to disrupt the segment by offering a single app that provides over 1000 products and 220+ services by trusted service providers in the area. Targeted at the busy urban households of Delhi-NCR, Home Jiny is the only application available on Android and IOS so far that allows a buyer to choose and select myriad products and services such as dairy products, grocery, fruits and vegetables along with frequently used Services like Maids, Drivers, Cooks, Laundry and many more. The brand focuses on targeting housing societies and building density and penetration in each micro-cluster before moving on to the next one.

Arvind Raina, Kuldeep Pandit, Sanjeev Kumar Bhiduri and Navita Srinet
L to R: Arvind Raina, Kuldeep Pandit, Sanjeev Kumar Bhiduri and Navita Srinet

Home Jiny has already started holding its experiential events in select localities to give the customers a taste of quality, comfort and flexibility that the app offers. Already available in select areas of Faridabad, Gurgaon and Delhi, the brand seeks to cater 80% of the Delhi-NCR region by Dec 2020. The brand is already receiving 250 orders per day and has a run rate of 7000 orders per month.

The initiative has already received a funding of Rs. 25 Million and is already in talks for another round of funding worth Rs. 100 Million for this mould-breaking venture. The team behind this initiative is leveraging their market insights and in-house technology platform to customize experiences for the ever-growing demand of the customers in the region.

Speaking on the launch, Kuldeep Pandit, Founder & CEO, Home Jiny said, “We are excited to launch Home Jiny in the buzzing e-commerce space. Delhi-NCR is world’s 2nd most populous urban agglomeration that buys their frequently used items and services from unorganised sector, that has no guarantee on the supplies and the price also fluctuates. We at Home Jiny are committed to ensure the availability of supplies through our 1000+ products and 200 plus services through our tie-ups with over 60 service providers that allows us to deliver goods and services that are of superior quality, are delivered timely to the consumers at their door-step through our app while promoting the digitisation and hyper localisation of the neighbourhood stores.”

He further added, “According to our survey, Indian households spend around 45 days (450 Hours/Year) in a year, to procure frequently used products and services. Home Jiny wants to free up lives of thousands of households and bring quality products and services reduce that time and allow the customers to utilise those precious moments in something that they really want to do in life. We look forward to catering over 5000 households by end of Feburary 2020.”