Mumbai | 1st June 2020: While organizations worldwide have been hosting several webinars to drive engagement, no platform connected channel partners in the real estate industry. To bridge this gap, Xanadu, India’s leading Real Estate B2B consultancy firm, has started hosting ‘IGNITE’, a knowledge sharing webinar, exclusively designed for channel partners.

The webinar includes a series of stimulating sessions on business development and skill development. The idea was to engage and boost the confidence of channel partners, help the entire channel fraternity sustain and rebuild their businesses in the post-COVID world.

The first webinar on business development was conducted on May 1st 2020. The speaker of the webinar was Vikas Chaturvedi, CEO of Xanadu Realty, who threw light on the emerging role of channel partner as an advisor to customers. The session focused on why as a channel partner one must guide customers and help them make the right decision in different stages. 

It also emphasized on building trust and loyalty with customers, as most of them are likely to remain confused during these times – regarding when to buy and what to buy. The webinar explained it is equally crucial for partners to keep up the learning curve and understand key realty elements such as home loan eligibility criteria and benefits of PMAY. This will eventually help them convert leads to bookings easily.

Similarly, partners should also strive to build a strong brand name as customers not only focus on choosing the product but also pay attention to choosing the store from they buy. Finally, partners should focus on recent sales and ensure that there are no dropouts throughout the customer buying cycle. Simply put, one must anticipate, prepare and move in the right direction to achieve business revival, especially for the next three months.

The second webinar on skill development was hosted hosted by the in-house experts of Xanadu on May 16, 2020. The speaker of the Webinar was Mr. Samujjwal Ghosh, Director Marketing Xanadu Realty, who elucidated the critical role digital will play in driving a revolution in the real estate industry. It will help meet the dual challenge of effectively reaching out to maximum consumers with the best quality of interaction. In fact, it is the only way to manage consumer purchases successfully in the wake of halted mobility and physical interactions.

Besides enabling real-time flexibility in campaign deployment and tracking, digital will help in many ways. For instance, developing a diverse set of formats to drive conversations, efficient management of costs, the ability to precise geo-target prospective consumers.

The same was illustrated through Xanadu’s digital consumer purchase model E(Engage)- I(Interact)-T(Transact) which virtually manages the entire cycle from consumer need to final purchase. A combination of push and pull awareness and lead management tools with effective tracking were discussed in the event, which will help maintain a healthy pipeline of customers. By using a virtual sales gallery as the digital equivalent of a physical site visit and a range of transaction tools to close the booking, the channel partners were given confidence that the entire process can be managed very efficiently on digital platforms.