Because of the recent CoronaVirus epidemic that has impacted people & the economy, companies have begun to take additional precautionary steps to deter the impact further. Below are some of the measures taken by a few Indian companies to advocate high standard hygiene levels at their workplaces.

5 Indian companies who are maintaining strict hygiene standards to prevent the spreading of viral diseases
  1. Vistaprint (e-commerce platform for custom printing services) – They have created a SWAT team to tackle this situation and also, they are raising awareness among workers about the different measures employees must take. They have kept hand sanitizers at the common area, and have advised staff to seek immediate medical assistance if they develop any symptoms. They are maintaining a directory of clinics in close proximity as one of the next steps where staff can be sent to get tested/treated for this specific infection. 
  2. OZiva (a clean label active plant-based nutrition brand) – This Mumbai based startup, is providing all their employees OZiva products in the office to help boost immunity. For maintaining office hygiene – Sanitizers and disinfectant wipes have been made available in the office. For them, the priority at the moment is the health & safety of their team.
  3. Bridgelabz (Incubator who is providing 100% guaranteed jobs to fresh engineers in emerging tech) – To do their bit, they are taking a few measures, they have installed an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in multiple commonplaces of meeting. The travel advisory is given to all staff that highlights; traveling when it is most required and have postponed travel for all overseas meetings. Through their initiative, they encourage that a large number of their candidates who gather in one location for the program or boot camps take appropriate care and observe personal respiratory hygiene and cleanliness around them.
  4. Zlade (Men’s grooming platform, which offers a comprehensive line of men’s grooming products at pocket-friendly rates) – To curb the coronavirus spread, they as a company have taken few measures to maintain personal hygiene among employees and awareness regarding basic precautions. Hanging Instructions around walls to remind employees to keep hands sanitised with sanitizers while working and prevent any possible contact with eyes, nose and mouth before washing. Keep a safe distance if any of the employees or visiting guests to the factory found sneezing and coughing. Particularly in such situations “strictly sharing is not caring” till the possibility of danger fades down. 
  5. Incred (a new age financial services platform) – They are pulling together information pertaining to the coronavirus and maintaining an Instructional guide for employees that helps them educate about the viral infection along with ways to avoid it. They are circulating emails, chat groups, Infographics to effectively communicate the message to all employees. They are also providing free masks and have distributed sanitizers at each desk to increase hygiene in office premises.