BENGALURU, India | 19th November 2020: CrowdPouch, a fintech startup founded by Vittal Ramakrishna, provides a preselling and a fundraising platform for all in the country. During the last few months, the startup has run many fundraising campaigns and hosted hundreds of preselling stores to support independent creators.

While the entertainment industry took a big hit during the pandemic, CrowdPouch supported performing arts by promoting fundraising campaigns for Live Streaming events. This was a win-win situation for the artists and the fans as the artists received the support they needed and the fans got to watch their favourite artists perform. Another unique feature of the platform is that any independent creator can sell their handmade and homemade products online. There is minimal documentation required and it’s open for all residing in India. This serves as an encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and get a shot at earning revenue through their
handmade products. No other platform currently offers this facility for independent creators.

Launched in 2019 by Vittal Ramakrishna who aspires to organize the currently unorganized preselling market, CrowdPouch also allows artists to take customization requests from the buyers. This essentially enables all users to preorder products purely on ‘Made to Order’ basis. In addition, all products are made in India.

CrowdPouch has raised its Angel Round from Elina Investments earlier this August. Going forward, CrowdPouch aims to get under its wing as many artists and individual creators as possible, spanning the length and breadth of India.