13th January 2020: Most of us are gearing up to celebrate Makar Sankranti, the harvest festival. The festival is celebrated with soulful culinary fare, bonfires and kite flying, with family and friends. HomeLane, India’s preferred home interiors brand, shares a few eco-friendly décor ideas to uplift your spirit and set the mood for Makar Sankranti.

  • Try a natural rangoli using leaves & flower petals

Instead of using rangoli and colours, use natural elements like colourful leaves, flower petals and pulses to make beautiful patterns. The floral carpet will give a fresh vibe and elevate your mood instantly. Once done, they can be used as compost for gardening purposes, thereby ensuring zero wastage.

  • Banana leaves to serve Sankranti specials to your family and guests

It is one of the better eco-friendly ways to serve food that also imparts a subtle and sweet flavour to the dish. 

  • Explore paper quilling to decorate your home spaces

Paper quilling adds a fantastic touch to your home decor. There are plenty of decorative ideas using paper quilling to adorn your home.

  • DIY lamps from recyclable materials 

Apart from the traditional diyas and oil lamps, you can go for some DIY diyas which can be made from  plastic bottles, egg cartons, seashell lights, old sauce/jam jars. It will add uniqueness to your decor and also give you the satisfaction of saving the world around you.

  • Choose ceramic, terracotta and traditional dining table accessories 

Dining tables for this season should be arranged thoughtfully with candle holders and serving sets made of ceramic or terracotta to bring in a rustic look. You can also add table runners with a traditional motif to go with the theme.

  • Add sparkle to Kite Craft 

To add sparkle to your homes, kite craft can be made at home along with family members. Kite hangings and windchimes with other elements such as butterflies and flowers to decorate your home entrance and walls.