MUMBAI, India | 5th August 2020: Edtech venture GlobalShala has recently announced the launch of their one-of-a-kind ‘Superhero U’ competition with an aim to allow students to gain valuable knowledge through the experience of designing social change by designing a superhero. It encourages the focus on global issues highlighted in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and paves the way for a new generation of responsible and sound leaders as social entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving a real-world challenge. Across countries, the winners for the same will be awarded prize money worth $90,000 which includes scholarships, global travel, internship opportunities, gift cards, and electronic gadgets.  

GlobalShala has introduced this unique competition where individuals are to invent a ‘Superhero’ that essentially takes on universal challenges and strives to make the world a better place. In today’s complex, global society, the demand for innovative and creative problem-solving has never been greater. Communities face myriad challenges. And each individual can have a role in reimagining what’s possible for their future with the powers and intelligence needed to create for social good. What problems would their superhero confront? What abilities would he or she have and why? How would their superhero use the powers to make an impact and deliver meaningful change?  The Superhero created should address all these questions and more.

Talking about the competition, Anushika Jain, Founder & CEO, GlobalShala, said, “Taking inspiration from the United Nations, we are trying to nurture entrepreneurial creativity to address surrounding critical sustainability challenges around the world. We at GlobalShala have taken upon this challenge through an out-of-the-box approach with our ‘Superhero U’ competition to add an element of intrigue and enthusiasm for individuals to take up the challenge. We are excited to see different local as well as global perspectives on sustainability and the challenges each of their Superhero takes on.”  

The competition has opened its doors wide for creativity and has allowed candidates to bring out the sociopreneur in them and catalyze their creative thinking and innovation to design their own  hero in posters, comic strip, video, or video game formats featuring their hero to solve a global problem. Moreover, GlobalShala has shattered the eligibility criteria and kept the competition open to many, split into 2 categories- Junior (up to 18 years) and Senior (18 years- 25 years). The Superhero U competition has also permitted any form of submission, whether it is individual or group-led.   

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