Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | 25th January 2020: Asserting on ensuring quality education for all at the World Economic Forum, Financepeer Founder Rohit Gajbhiye reckoned the collaboration of global business leaders, academicians and policy makers to take up the cause so as to bring major social impact across the globe.

Sharing his views at WEF2020, Gajbhiye said that the need of the hour is to develop sustainable economic models in education so that the bottom of the pyramid where the maximum mass belongs gets access to quality education.

If we are able to cater to the lower strata of the society by making quality education accessible to them, through a global collaboration, it will change the landscape of education not only in India but worldwide as this section of society will grow to become a major contributor in the growth and benefit the entire ecosystem. For this the global stalwarts need to step up and take the cause forward to nail down the vision,” Gajbhiye said.

It is important to understand that in a country like India we need to empower the lower strata of the society. This won’t be possible by giving freebies to them, rather there should be a comprehensive plan for the same. Instead of providing freebies, they should be given access to the quality education, which they are deprived of due to financial constraints. International players and industry leaders need to take the charge to provide a boost to their aspirations,” Gajbhiye said.

We are on the verge of witnessing a major reform in the education system; Gajbhiye said adding that the 2020-2030 decade will be testimony to a major shift in the learning methodology.

Rohit Gajbhiye’s NBFC startup – Financepeer, which aims to reduce the financial gap in the education sector by financing the fee of the students at zero percent interest and zero cost, was hailed by top statesmen, industry leaders, academicians, policy makers and business leaders who came to attend the WEF 2020 as they also voiced their support towards ensuring quality education to all.

He urged all the driving forces which can contribute to achieving this mission to come together and bring about a global change.

Concluding his thoughts, Gajbhiye said Financepeer is spearheading the education revolution and is working towards connecting all the dots which will have a global impact in this decade.