Sigmapeiron Software Technologies introduced a QR code aided realtime facility and workplace management solution to manage corporate facilities, management and organizations in their activities. Their development and success story is shared in this article. Sigmapeiron Software Technologies was started by Prasun Nair and his batch mates on 17th August 2015. They analyzed and understood that the corporate facilities management, which by then was the backbone of the organization and a pivotal contributor to its survival. Based on this analysis, the founders saw that the innovation in facilities, admin and workplace management was taking a back seat!

Even to this day, age-old school practices are still followed to resolve workplace/premises related issues and errands. It was this lack of innovation and problem-solving approach that led the founders to identify key pain points in workplace management and made them come up with a simple, real-time, QR code aided workplace and facilities management solution.

The term ‘Sigmapeiron’ first came out in the early years of 2000 between the engineering classmates- Shrikant, Bhushan and Prasun. All three of them shared the common desire to do something of their own but this idea dwindled once their college days were over and they got busy with their jobs in respective sectors. After some years was the first breakout of this old trio, Prasun, who left his job at Texas Instruments, Bangalore, and took up the Founder position of Sicon Technologies Private Ltd. in the semiconductor domain. Having gathered the experience of running a startup, he floated the idea to other co-founders in 2014. Readily agreeing to this idea pitched by Prasun, these three again came together to do something by which they could make a difference. Bhushan Bhagwat and Shrikant Sawant jumped up at the opportunity and getting Chandu Mohan on board completed the pack and thus Sigmapeiron was born with a single mission of ‘Solving Problems that Matter’.

Sigmapeiron Software Technologies team members include the following:

  • Shrikant Sawant – CEO (Negotiator, Decisive, Strategist)
  • Bhushan Bhagwat – COO (Resourceful, Thrifty, Empathetic)
  • Prasun Nair – Head Product Development (Executor, Pacesetter, Adaptive)
  • Chandu Mohan – VP Engineering (Prudent, Rainmaker, Learner)

Since there was an obvious problem to be addressed and solved, the founders wanted a solution that can be used by the next generation of corporate workplace or facilities management, which could be easily scalable. Sigmapeiron already had good brands that were using their mobility solution – SeekWiz, which allowed the founders to present this idea further to the admin and facility stakeholders of the company and to deliver a complete ‘digital transformation’ solution for workplace management. The problem was there to be seen and the opportunity was waiting to be picked up. The problem statement was simple – an on-demand, real-time workplace management solution was needed which would seamlessly engage with the employees and be a value addition along with robust fit-for-purpose utilities.

assistD logo

Coming up with the solution required detailed brain storming sessions which eventually resulted into ‘assistD – Get heard Get help’.

As the users were able to understand and relate to the problem quickly, it was not much of a hurdle for them to get their initial customers. Along with this user-friendly solution, the founders wanted assistD to be scalable across landscapes that catered to private as well as public facilities management also. Hence, the solution was being moulded to be fit across different landscapes.

They worked towards solving real-world problems with simple and smart solutions leveraging on secure, disruptive, yet easily adoptable technology and resources.


The principle of Sigmapeiron is quite straightforward – ‘Learn before you Lead’. Here they believe that learning never stops and it evolves as the company grows. assistD is being sold in the SaaS business model, which means that the customer has a minimal cost of entry and the company gets benefitted from the recurring subscriptions. Having said that, the cost to customer is as low as half a dollar per employee per month which is affordable and appreciated by their customer base too. The company’s seed investor was Sicon Design Technologies, who believed in their team and vision and seed funded the idea to get them going. At present, Sigmapeiron Software Technologies is a company that is a fully independent self-sustainable startup.

The success of the company is its product- assistD and mobility solution SeekWiz. Because since its existence it has been able to help its customer to achieve their digitization goals and modernizing employee-admin and facility services. Employee self-service has been recognized as an increasingly prevalent trend in human resource and workplace management. The idea and birth of assistD has allowed employees to seamlessly engage with the organization’s facility and admin department on the go that otherwise would have fallen into unaccounted communication loops.

The turnover of Sigmapeiron Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is more than INR 1Cr per annum with recurring assistD subscription costs. The value addition is immense with assistD scaling greater heights by providing curated, contextual QR code aided facility and workplace management services.

The company currently has a bigger scope due to the scalability that assistD can achieve. It further plans to extend assistD to every possible public and private sector where feedback is valued and looked upon as a tool for continuous service improvement. Currently assistD has already been implemented across 50+ cities in Pune, covering 100+ corporate facilities with 10k+ daily active users. Also, India’s largest financial services company has been using assistD for more than a year now. Furthermore, with no competitor in the business as of now, its goal in the next six months is to attract more corporates towards assistD and help them realize their innovation and digitization goals.

Last but not the least, the company’s message to fellow entrepreneurs is – ‘Learn before you Lead and Revenue before Funding’.